• RE: Telemetry Active 1% Duty Cycle in LTC4015

    This is something that you can do manually.

    In battery-only mode, telemetry will be disabled by default. You can then force it on, wait for it to be valid (MEAS_SYS_VALID, or you can use the alert), read the value you need, then turn it off. If you do…

  • RE: LTC4015 SDK Python


    The Python SDK is not designed to work with the DC2039A demo board, though it could be a starting point to develop your own program. The default firmware of the demo board talks in a specific communication protocol and is only intended for communication…

  • LTC4015 discharging


    We can control input current IIN and charging current IBAT. We can to measure IIN, IBAT. Can LTC4015 limit system and discharging current?

  • LTC4015 Qcount


    We are using LTC4015 for charging 2S4P Li-ion battery. The battery capacity is 7.4V/10.4Ah. We have s single input supply which can provide either 11V or 15V to the charger. When 11V is applied we are charging the battery with 900mA current and when…

  • LTC4015 precharge

    Dear Team,

    Im charging a battery with LTC4015 (2 Li-Ion x 4.2V). Im testing the condition when battery is discharged less than 2.4V. I see that every 30 seconds charger tries to run the charge (I see ripples on the oscilloscope) but after some time they…

  • LTC4015 ADC Readings


    i am trying to design a x4 LiFePo4 battery charger using the LTC4015 with a ADM1177 hot-swap controller on the battery input side. The maximum charging current is 1A. 

    I am using a 6 layer PCB design with a dedicated GND plane.

    After I assembled…

  • LTC4015 I2C Issue

    In a valid system state where there is no input power to the BMS AND no battery, the I2C bus appears to be pulled down by the LTC4015, affecting communication to other I2C devices existing on the same I2C bus. It is desirable to be able to communicate…

  • LTC4015 MOSFET selection


    We are designing a product to charge 2x28Ah 12V lead acid batteries in paralell using the LTC4015.

    We have made a test board with the reference components from the outlays in the datasheet, but one of the FDMC8030 transistors was destroyed, I…

  • LTC4015 INTVCC failure

    Dear all users and EZ team:

    I am using a custom design based on the LTC4015 eval board schematic for LiFePo4 8S 50A battery. The main changes are: higer current INFET, higher current OUTFET, lower RSNSI (1mOhm) and lower RSNSB (0.5mOhm). I am able to…

  • LTC4015 INT_VCC fall


    I am testing a custom board with the LTC4015 based on the demo board schematics, Lion programmable 4S mode.

    For some reason, INT_VCC is falling down to 4V when the charging current increases. There is nothing else but the LTC using INT_VCC. I can…