• LTC4015 - when I detach the battery the LTC4015 CHARGER STATE REGISTER remains "absorb charge"

    Hello Zack,

    I am using the inside telemetry of the LTC4015 and I am in this situation:

    if I detach the battery from the board, the LTC4015 remains in absorb state, the voltage at the battery socket is that before the disconnection.

    This is double confirmed…

  • LTC4015 - Battery Pack Protection


    We're in the process of replacing our previous 18650 2S1P Li-Ion charger with a new design based around the LTC4015.   It is stated on page 27 of the datasheet subsection 'LTC4015 Charger Algorithmm Overview' that "The 4015 is not a substitute…

  • LTC4015 VSYS PIN in parallel with other VSYS PIN LTC4015

    I'm using the DC2039 in order to test the LTC4015 for charging LiFePO4 battery and interfacing the load voltage supply through VSYS. The problem is that measuring the current consumption of my load with a external voltage supply the current is above…

  • LTC4015 Charge voltage

    Hello ADI experts,

    I want to charge 8 series Li ion battery pack with LTC4015. I want to use 8 series Li ion battery so I need to 33.6 Volts  (When 18650 Li ion batteries are charged, their voltage can reach to 4.2V, 8x4.2V=33.6V)  but in the datasheet…

  • Batter charger do not charge ( LTC4015)

    This is the first product based on LTC4015 in our teamand now we meet a trouble. Please give some valuable advice to us. 

    The details are appended to the following document.

    problem spec.docx

  • RE: ltc4015 battery charger does not charge

    Hi Zack,

    Thank you for you response, all problems above are OK now.

    Please close the case and thank you all the same.

  • Telemetry Active 1% Duty Cycle in LTC4015

    How to enable Telemetry Active 1% Duty Cycle in LTC4015 in Battery only mode? I want to monitor the ADC data in Battery only mode also. But Im worried about power dissipation if telemetry is active continuously . So Kindly provide the details how to enable…

  • DC2039A demo kit for LTC4015 - fire at the LTC4015 with 24V 72AH and 5ohms load


     I have a trouble with the DC2039A demo board.

    Really I made my PCB cancelling the USB support and the on board MCU and literally copying the gerbers coming with the Demo Kit.

     The load is made of a 24V 72AH SLA battery + a 5Ohm/200W resistor.


  • LTC4015 ADC Readings


    i am trying to design a x4 LiFePo4 battery charger using the LTC4015 with a ADM1177 hot-swap controller on the battery input side. The maximum charging current is 1A. 

    I am using a 6 layer PCB design with a dedicated GND plane.

    After I assembled…

  • RE: LTC4015 reduced parts count

    Thank you for the detailed response, I appreciate it.