• LTC4015 ADC Readings


    i am trying to design a x4 LiFePo4 battery charger using the LTC4015 with a ADM1177 hot-swap controller on the battery input side. The maximum charging current is 1A. 

    I am using a 6 layer PCB design with a dedicated GND plane.

    After I assembled…

  • LTC4015 VSYS PIN in parallel with other VSYS PIN LTC4015

    I'm using the DC2039 in order to test the LTC4015 for charging LiFePO4 battery and interfacing the load voltage supply through VSYS. The problem is that measuring the current consumption of my load with a external voltage supply the current is above…

  • RE: LTC4015: design queries


    1) Yes, you are exactly right. There is no theoretical maximum to the charging current.

    2) You should give more headroom than the specified 98% duty cycle. There will be voltage drops as current is delivered to the load. For a 15A design, I would…

  • LTC4015 can charge if the NTC is open ?

    LTC4015 NTC is open, it will cause bat missing fault, so it cannot charge.

    first question: can i disable the function? if the NTC is open , LTC4015 also can charge. is this OK?

    second question: i enable the JEITA, i have check the NTC ratio value is 0x555a…

  • DC2039A demo kit for LTC4015 - fire at the LTC4015 with 24V 72AH and 5ohms load


     I have a trouble with the DC2039A demo board.

    Really I made my PCB cancelling the USB support and the on board MCU and literally copying the gerbers coming with the Demo Kit.

     The load is made of a 24V 72AH SLA battery + a 5Ohm/200W resistor.


  • RE: LTC4015 Heating Up & Not Starting


    There are numerous reasons a battery could explode. Poor balancing could certainly be one.

    Another could be charging at a current that is too high. What is your charge current? I do not understand the "1C5A" notation. Is that 1.5A? Is your battery…

  • LTC4015 discharging


    We can control input current IIN and charging current IBAT. We can to measure IIN, IBAT. Can LTC4015 limit system and discharging current?

  • LTC4015 Qcount


    We are using LTC4015 for charging 2S4P Li-ion battery. The battery capacity is 7.4V/10.4Ah. We have s single input supply which can provide either 11V or 15V to the charger. When 11V is applied we are charging the battery with 900mA current and when…

  • LTC4015 precharge

    Dear Team,

    Im charging a battery with LTC4015 (2 Li-Ion x 4.2V). Im testing the condition when battery is discharged less than 2.4V. I see that every 30 seconds charger tries to run the charge (I see ripples on the oscilloscope) but after some time they…

  • RE: LTC4015 Maximum Charging Current


    Thank your for reply. I also added the output inrush protection circuit. Before that, LTC4015 burned few times. One more thing, when we remove the battery while charging, output capacitors not discharging. LTC4015 can read the output voltage always…