• LTC4015 VSYS PIN in parallel with other VSYS PIN LTC4015

    I'm using the DC2039 in order to test the LTC4015 for charging LiFePO4 battery and interfacing the load voltage supply through VSYS. The problem is that measuring the current consumption of my load with a external voltage supply the current is above…

  • LTC4015 - when I detach the battery the LTC4015 CHARGER STATE REGISTER remains "absorb charge"

    Hello Zack,

    I am using the inside telemetry of the LTC4015 and I am in this situation:

    if I detach the battery from the board, the LTC4015 remains in absorb state, the voltage at the battery socket is that before the disconnection.

    This is double confirmed…

  • LTC4015 charge check

    Whether LTC4015 can set the lead acid mode to charge the Lithium-titanate battery (MP146396PA).
    Thank you
  • DC2039A demo kit for LTC4015 - fire at the LTC4015 with 24V 72AH and 5ohms load


     I have a trouble with the DC2039A demo board.

    Really I made my PCB cancelling the USB support and the on board MCU and literally copying the gerbers coming with the Demo Kit.

     The load is made of a 24V 72AH SLA battery + a 5Ohm/200W resistor.


  • RE: LTC4015 Telemetry issues

    Hi hhazime,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Is your custom board based on the demo board of the LTC4015, DC2039A? If not, I suggest that you may want to take a look on it and try to differentiate, in terms of layout, the changes you made on your board vs the…

  • LTC4015: Minimum Current and Current granularity/resolution


    In our 1s to 5s, Li-Ion battery charging application, we need current regulation accuracy of +/-1% or 10mA whichever is greater over the range of 100mA to 8A.

    Hence we are planning to use the IC: LTC4015.

    In LTC4015, please tell us what is the minimum…

  • RE: LTC4015 INTVCC issue

    Hi Adam,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I might need more info so I'll ask some questions on this. Is this a recurring issue when no battery is connected? When you try to connect a battery, does this occur again? Also, when you try to force_meas_sys_on, what…

  • LTC4015 INTVCC issue


    I'm having an issue with the LTC4015 chip. I integrated the design into dev PCB that I'm working on, and used the reference application circuit in the data sheet (application circuit 1). I made the following modifications

    - replaced M3…

  • LTC4015 PEC code

    Hello. I have problem to implement PEC code calculation to communicate with LTC4015.

    I can communicate with LTC4015, but when I want to check PEC code I try more algorithm to compute it from incoming data, but without effect. I found only that code type…

  • RE: LTC4015 battery serial resistance

    Hi dobro,

    Sorry for the late reply and I hope you are doing well.

    As per the datasheet, the battery series resistance is computed by dividing the change (charging vs charger suspended) in battery voltage by the change in charge current (ICHARGE_BSR). The…