• Question about  LTC4013

    Hi All,

    The LTC4013 has "E" and "I" versions. What is the difference between them?

    The price of I version is higher than that of E version, the I version is for an automotive market?



  • LTC4013 FB Pin and Battery voltage

    Hi I'm designing a charger for 4 series LifePo4 Batteries the total battery stack is nominal 12.8V. The max charge voltage for this battery stack is 14.4V or 3.6V/cell. The Datasheet doesn't mention how to set up the FB pin for different battery…

  • Question about LTC4013 and LTC4000

    What is main difference between LTC4013 and LTC4000? (Both are same 60V Buck Charger . I think other specs are also similar)

    LTC4013 is mainly made for Lead-acid batteries? and LTC4000 is for Li-Ion?

    But in the datesheet LTC4013 also supports Li-Ion…

  • LTC4013 TVS Diode

    On page 23 of the datasheet it states:

    If the input
    voltage is more than the gate breakdown of the external
    transistor, a TVS diode is required to prevent the disable
    current or pin leakage from pulling INFET all the way to

    No problem.  But on page…

  • LTC4013 datasheet questions


    In table 1, page 16, the VFloat and VRecharge voltages for Li-Ion batteries are way too low for that type of cell. I think that the designers mistakenly divided the voltage of a 12V battery by 6 (as for lead-acid batteries), instead of by 4, to represent…

  • LTC4013 Multiple problems


    I have designed a charger based on Fig.21 on Pg.35 of the datasheet.

    Attached is the schematic which is on a printed board.

    Specs are:

    Battery chemistry : LiFePO4 4 cells in series

    Charge Voltage : 15V

    Charge current : 4A max (settable by removing…

  • LTC4013 PSpice transient model


    I am considering the LTC4013 as part of a complete BMS. To this end I would like to simulate the solution. Do you have available a Pspice transient model for the IC?



  • LTC4013 maximum output current

    Just wondering what the parameter is why link below states that maximum output current is 20A for LTC4013?


    I assume gate charge is the limiting factor... but with an external gate drive supply, output current can be increased…

  • LTC4013 Maximum Input Voltage

    Hi, this is my first Question.

    I am considering LTC4013 to use a charge device for 12S LiPo battery. According to a datasheet, the maximum operating  input voltage is 60V. However, the absolute maximum voltage of VIN is also 60V in page 2. Can I set the…

  • LTC4013 current sense signal

    I am designing a battery charger based on LTC4013 and am trying to make the charge current adjustable. Here's my idea:

    Instead of connecting Rsense directly to the BAT and SENSE pins, I would use an external differential unity gain amplifier to make…