• RE: LTC4013 FB Pin


    Table 1 in the datasheet shows the FB servo values for various modes of operation. For your selected mode, refer to those values for Vfb. You would then calculate a voltage divider such that the "output" voltage is that value.

    You can…

  • RE: LTC4013 FB Pin and Battery voltage


    You do set up the FB voltage divider based on your stack voltage. Table 1 in the datasheet gives the FB voltages for various stages of operation. To choose your target charge voltage, you must then choose the voltage divider values accordingly…

  • LTC4013 confusions

    Good day,

              We are desing 36v vin to 28.7v 7cell li-ion battery charger with LTC4013. We use one  DC load to simulate the batterey to test, but the SW just output 0v. INTVCC =5v, seems no calculation faults with external RC. Can you help to advice

  • LTC4013

    Hello! I want to use the LTC4013 chip to charge the LiTiO battery. I need to charge with a voltage of 2.8 V. I want to charge in 2 stages. First, direct current, and then constant voltage.
    As I understand it, I can regulate the maximum charging voltage…

  • LTC4013



    I have a question LTC4013.


    1. Regarding maximum charge current control
    Understanding that it is determined by Rsense, is there any other means to control charging current (maximum)?

    2. Regarding gate voltage of half bridge (MOSFET)
    Is it 5V drive…

  • LTC4013 Question

    1. Datasheet says "However, during start-up and recovery conditions, the gate drive signals may be as low as 3V. Therefore, to ensure that the LTC4013 operates properly, use logic level threshold MOSFETs with a VT of about 2V or less"
    We have…

  • LTC4013 won't charge

    Li-ion charger modeled after schematic on datasheet page 35. 

    Design specs 

    DCIN 22 - 24V

    Vbat 12.3V

    Max charge current 20A.

    How it works

    With the battery at 6.3V, DCIN = 24V/3A from bench supply, Green LED comes on

    INTVcc = 5.01V

    FB = 1.42V

  • LTC4013 LTspice model availablity


    We are looking for the LTspice model of LTC4013. According to the previous Q&A about LTC4013, there's no model available before. Are there any updates? Thank you for the advice.



  • Question about  LTC4013

    Hi All,

    The LTC4013 has "E" and "I" versions. What is the difference between them?

    The price of I version is higher than that of E version, the I version is for an automotive market?



  • Question about LTC4013 and LTC4000

    What is main difference between LTC4013 and LTC4000? (Both are same 60V Buck Charger . I think other specs are also similar)

    LTC4013 is mainly made for Lead-acid batteries? and LTC4000 is for Li-Ion?

    But in the datesheet LTC4013 also supports Li-Ion…