• LTC4013 over-discharge protection prevents charging


    I have a LiFePO4 charger design utilizing LTC4013 chip. The battery pack has an over-discharge protection circuit that disconnects the pack when it is deeply discharged. When that happens, the LTC4013 chip can't detect a battery and doesn't start…

  • LTC4013 output diode with parallel resisitor

    Hi ADI Expert

    I have a question about LTC4013 and would like to know if it's a correct behavior of LTC4013

    please see the attached schematic

    ----------------------------------------------- PDF

    I connected a 48V 13S Lithium battery at the C+ point 


  • LTC4013 - can it also power a load?

    Hello Folks,

    I have a LTC4013 battery charger circuit designed and built and seems to be running fine.  I have a 8S4P LiFePO4 battery pack that I am charging at 11A.  Can I connect a load to the charger output while the battery is being charged?  I'd like…



    I made a 24v battery charger with ltc4013, but there was one problem.

    I have control to enable pin  on / off with mcu.

    The problem is that if you turn it on after turning it off, the infet may not turn on.

    I'm applying circuit 1 and circuit 2, but there…

  • LTC4013 no PWM output

    HI, i designed charger with LTC4013, and i have problem to run it.

    all 4 UVLO conditions are sucessfull:

    Voltage DCIN pin2 = 22V (more than 3,45V)

    Voltage ENAB pin 5 = 1,55V (more than 1,2V)

    Voltage BST pin21 = 5,02V (more than 4,25V)

    Voltage BAT/SENSE…

  • RE: LTC4013充电过热


  • LTC4013 Top Mosfet unable to turn ON

    I'm troubleshooting on LTC4013 and could not get the charging output due to not able to get the Top MosFet to turn ON.

    Attached is customer’s schematic, could you help to advise? Thanks.


    Solar panel: 

    V open circuit: 44.35V

    V mpp : 36.52V


  • LTC4013 Switching frqequency and turn on issue

    Hi ADIexpert,

    1. I have a question about the Fsw of LTC4013 as below

    I set the RT=150k to set a 300k Fsw

    the Fsw can be seen through clkout pin as pic1 but the switching Fsw I saw at the SW node is 100khz (pic2 )?

    can you let me know how this happened…

  • LTC4013 Connection VIN pin and VIN_S pin to except one of the UVLO conditions

    Hi team,

     We are using single INFET to prevent backflow of the battery.

    There is a problem that DCIN is slightly below VIN when ENABLE turn on and switching does not start.

    If I don't want to use DCIN and VIN voltage comparators like this, is such a connection…

  • LTC4013 Table 1 Confusion

    Table 1 of the datasheet shows how to set the MODE pins for different battery chemistries and charge algorithms.  However, I am a bit confused by what the "M" designator means.  Does that mean to leave the I/O floating?

    For reference, I am trying…