• How to verify the –ΔV detection of LTC4011 (Required equipments or test circuits)


    Please show me how to verify  the –ΔV detection of LTC4011.

    What kind of equiments or test circuits are required, in order to simulate the -10mV/CELL drop intentionally. 

    Now I'm researching LTC4011 is available for our new-designed 10…

  • RE: Question bout LTC4011

    Hi Kazu,

    Hope you are doing well,

    Sorry for the late response

    With your concern regarding the FET generating a lot of heat, can you do a scope shot on the switching waveform of your prototype board? also, is your board made reference to the LTC4011?…

  • LTC4011 ΔT/Δt termination does not work? How can I verify this function? How to move TOC mode?


    I've just tried ΔT/Δt termination, but it doesn't work well on DC674B.

    I directly turned Vtemp voltage from 1.4V to 1.3V, with external circuits, NTC removed.

    While fast charging, it musrt be changed to TOC mode, I think.


  • LTC4011 DCIN(min) clarification


    I am in the process of designing an LTC4011 based NiMH charger. I will need to charge 9 NiMH batteries of 1.5V each. The DC in voltage is coming from power source which operates either from external power either from another set of batteries and…

  • LTC4011 minimum charge current

    Hi, I am considering LTC4011 for the backup 16 cells NiMH charger.

    Since this NiMH is used for backup purpose, the maximum that can be used to charge this 16 cells NiMH is only 5W with 24V input.

    As stated in the datasheet as shown below:


  • LTC4011 /READY line usate...

    In our product we are powering the system from the LTC4011 as well as using the LTC4011 to charge the NiMH batteries.

    We need a quick way to determine if we are powered from external voltage or the internal NiMH.

    I believe that when the /READY line is…

  • LTC4011 - Continuous ON FAULT# indication.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    By using LTC4011 IC, I have designed a circuit to charge 6 AA(1000mA each) Ni-Cd cells. All the cells are connected in series. The input voltage for the charger is 15VDC from wall mount AC-DC adapter.

    Observation/Problem : When battery…

  • LTC4011 Resetting itself

    Hi all,

    we have a problem with a LTC4011 based NiMH charger design:

    The LTC4011 seems to be very sensitivy on slight spikes / voltage changes happening on its "DCIN" Pin side. Then the LTC4011 resets itself and begins a new charging cycle.…

  • LTC4011 spice model

    I can't find a spice model for the LTC4011 battery charger.  Would like to evaluate stability across different inductors/capacitors.  Anyone have any suggestions?



  • LTC4011 NIMH Solar Application


    I am looking for a solution to charge 2xNiMH batteries with a 20W solar panel.

    Previously the system was not solar powered, and we were using the LTC4011 as we used a external PSU to charge the cells.

    Does the LTC4011 work with a solar input? I know…