• LTC4011


    I have a question LTC4011.


    Disconnecting the battery during charging will result in the following operation.
    Is there not a problem?
    The thermostat (70 ° C ± 5 ° C) is built in the battery, and it is confirmed just in case.

    • The CHRG and READY…

  • LTC4011 DCIN(min) clarification


    I am in the process of designing an LTC4011 based NiMH charger. I will need to charge 9 NiMH batteries of 1.5V each. The DC in voltage is coming from power source which operates either from external power either from another set of batteries and…

  • LTC4011 charge current.

    I see the recommended minimum charge rate for the LTC4011 is C/2. My NiMH batteries are rated at 12AH per cell (if I believe the datasheet). This implies minimum charge current of 6A for proper operation of the LTC4011. I intend to have a stack of 4-cells…

  • LTC4011 Resetting itself

    Hi all,

    we have a problem with a LTC4011 based NiMH charger design:

    The LTC4011 seems to be very sensitivy on slight spikes / voltage changes happening on its "DCIN" Pin side. Then the LTC4011 resets itself and begins a new charging cycle.…

  • LTC4011 spice model

    I can't find a spice model for the LTC4011 battery charger.  Would like to evaluate stability across different inductors/capacitors.  Anyone have any suggestions?



  • LTC4011 NIMH Solar Application


    I am looking for a solution to charge 2xNiMH batteries with a 20W solar panel.

    Previously the system was not solar powered, and we were using the LTC4011 as we used a external PSU to charge the cells.

    Does the LTC4011 work with a solar input? I know…

  • Question bout LTC4011


    I have built a prototype board using the LT4011 and started to evaluate it, but I have encountered a problem. Please take care of this case.

    When increasing the input voltage, the two external FETs generate a lot of heat. The battery is NiMH_16…

  • LTC4011 /READY line usate...

    In our product we are powering the system from the LTC4011 as well as using the LTC4011 to charge the NiMH batteries.

    We need a quick way to determine if we are powered from external voltage or the internal NiMH.

    I believe that when the /READY line is…

  • LTC4011 an urgent question


    I receive an urgent question by our customer. His production will be started end of this month. 

    The customer consider setting VAR of LTC4011 lower voltage than 1.26V. He is OK using additional circuit to get the lower voltage. Is it possible?  If possible…

  • LTC4011 minimum charge current

    Hi, I am considering LTC4011 for the backup 16 cells NiMH charger.

    Since this NiMH is used for backup purpose, the maximum that can be used to charge this 16 cells NiMH is only 5W with 24V input.

    As stated in the datasheet as shown below: