• LTC4011


    I have a question LTC4011.


    Disconnecting the battery during charging will result in the following operation.
    Is there not a problem?
    The thermostat (70 ° C ± 5 ° C) is built in the battery, and it is confirmed just in case.

    • The CHRG and READY…

  • LTC4011 /READY line usate...

    In our product we are powering the system from the LTC4011 as well as using the LTC4011 to charge the NiMH batteries.

    We need a quick way to determine if we are powered from external voltage or the internal NiMH.

    I believe that when the /READY line is…

  • LTC4011 charge current.

    I see the recommended minimum charge rate for the LTC4011 is C/2. My NiMH batteries are rated at 12AH per cell (if I believe the datasheet). This implies minimum charge current of 6A for proper operation of the LTC4011. I intend to have a stack of 4-cells…

  • LTC4011 - Continuous ON FAULT# indication.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    By using LTC4011 IC, I have designed a circuit to charge 6 AA(1000mA each) Ni-Cd cells. All the cells are connected in series. The input voltage for the charger is 15VDC from wall mount AC-DC adapter.

    Observation/Problem : When battery…

  • RE: LTC4011 spice model

    Hi Erik,

    Your best bet may be to toy around with the eval kit since there is no LTC4011 model. I consider it better to evaluate stability with a real circuit anyway.

    Alternatively, if you plan on using LTC4011 in your design, perhaps leave a few extra footprints…

  • LTC4011 CHRG LED not on and READY LED always On.

    Hi Friend, 

    I have used the LTC4011 for battery charger application. 

    I have used the Figure 7. 3A NiMH Charger with Full PowerPath Control circuit. 

    It works great, but the only issue is LTC4011 CHRG LED not on and READY LED always On. even when the battery…

  • RE: NiMH - LTC4015 battery charger


    I might recommend LTC4011 for your application. This is a NiMH charger with proper termination functions (which I recommend for charging at 1.5A). It is a buck charger without a boost feature, so you will need to follow it with a boost converter…

  • LTC4011 Resetting itself

    Hi all,

    we have a problem with a LTC4011 based NiMH charger design:

    The LTC4011 seems to be very sensitivy on slight spikes / voltage changes happening on its "DCIN" Pin side. Then the LTC4011 resets itself and begins a new charging cycle.…

  • RE: LTC4011:About the body diode of the external FET


    This is correct. The LTC4011 uses uses a synchronous step-down architecture which means Vin would always be greater than the Vbatt which would keep the body diodes in blocking condition. 


  • RE: LTC4011 an urgent question

    Hi Hiroyuki,

    Yes! The Tmaxi spec in the datasheet is based on the thermistor used in the datasheet examples (see note 8 below the spec table).

    You just need to know the actual voltage thresholds to set this typical value to a custom temperature. From…