• LTC4001

    I have designed an LTC4001 battery charger circuit based on the evaluation kit design with the following change:

    - no thermistor is included and the NTC  pin is connected to ground.

    The device is not building up the charge current.

    It appears to attempt…

  • increase LTC4001 end of charge voltage

    Hi gents, 

    I'm using the LTC4001 to charge a single Liion cell, all is working fine, but we've now add some protections on the battery and we need to get a voltage output of the charger of 4.5V in order to compansate the drop of voltage done by our protection…

  • LTC4001 Battery Leakage Current


    How much leakage current flows from the battery to the LTC4001 when no Vin condition?



  • LTC4001 Battery Charger

    I have noticed that when the TIMER and /EN pins are grounded and the /CHRG pulled high through a pullup resistor (2K), the /CHRG pin oscillates at 10ms low and 20ms high.when a battery is absent.  Can I depend on this behavior for battery absent detection…

  • LTC4001 Starting/Stopping

    Hello!  I am working with a LTC4001 along with a Panasonic 20700 battery and am having some issues.  The part will start up and I can see the switching begin while the current ramps up to charge the battery - but then everything stops and the part resets…

  • RE: LTC4001 not working

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  • 使用LTC4001充电,即将充满的时候,会有一段时间测到电池两端电压最高达4.29V,超出2%的精度


  • Purpose of voltage divider and 50 K resistor in this reference circuit

    I am testing my circuit of a single charger for a dual battery system. For that, I am using the LTC4001 combined with the LTC4415 (just as the picture below.)

    I don't understand the reason for the 50k resistor. Similarly, I do not get why the 1.5k…

  • DC930A unexpected behaviour


    I am looking to integrate the LTC4001 into a new product and am seeing some unexpected behaviour on the DC930A eval board.

    When I try and charge a battery that has been deeply discharged (terminal voltage < 3V), I find that the charger trickle…

  • RE: LTC4020 simulation in LTSpice not doing what I expected.


    I had rather suspected that may be the case.  There were a few aspects of the behaviour that seemed odd.

    Is there any guide to in what I can have reasonable faith and what is definitely broken?

    The next question then, of course, is does it look like…