• LTC4000



    I am planning to design using the LTC4000
    I'm thinking about connecting with the LTC3703, but are there any problems

    Regarding DCDC's request
    VIN: 5-60 V
    VOUT: 45 to 60 (maximum power: 200 W)
    * In regard to the system, regardless of step-up …

  • LTC4000 and DC/DC sequence


    In LTC4000 + LTC3703 start up and reset condition

    I think below sequence is good.

    Power supply:LTC4000  > LTC3703 

    EN:LTC3703 RUN_EN > LTC4000 ENC_EN

    Because Battery have supply path in LTC4000 disable.(Bgate's Pch is on.)


    Are these  consideration…

  • RE: LTC4000 and DC/DC


    You can use almost any op-amp configured as an inverting buffer. I would compensate the LTC3703 circuit without the LTC4000, and then connect the LTC4000 circuit and follow the guidelines in the LTC4000 datasheet to compensate the overall loop.


  • RE: LTC-4000 Demo Board Dc1721a-a1

    Hello, I am not aware of a model with the demo board DC1721a-a. The only simulation model that I am aware of is the LT3845A/LTC4000, which is used on the LTC4000 macromodels test fixture. This can be selected using the select compontent symbol, select…

  • About LTC4000

    Hi Analog Team,

    We are designing a back-up system to a BDC motor servodrive.
    There is a Li-Po battery pack (7s1p) to be charged to 24V. The question is: could the LTC4000 used without a DC/DC supply ? (Becase there is a LM5175 buc-boost, which provide…

  • LTC4000 & LTC3786


    I am using a LTC4000 and a LT3786 to boost from 14-24V to 25.2V. And to charge my battery at 25.2V.

    The boost circuit does not work, as the output follows the input. The battery charges, but the maximum voltage it charges to is the input voltage,…

  • How can I connect the LTC4000-1 and LT8390A as a 10-Amp MPPT charger for a lead-acid battery ?

    I tried to connect it in LTspice, but it doesn't work.

    The other combo : LTC4000-1 and LT3789 simulates well.

    What's the problem here ?

  • RE: High Charge current Battery Charger recommendation

    Hi Ken,

    LTC4013 can do the job and should be a much less complex solution than LTC4000 + LTC7801. I would recommend you continue with LTC4013.

    Let me know if you run into anything as you proceed.





    Hi, my name is Juan

    Im using the LTC3789 with the LTC4000. I simulate the circuit on the LTSpice but it doesn´t work when I connect the ITH of the LTC3789 with the ITH pin of the LTC4000. If i dont connect one with the other averything Works well till…

  • RE: Solar panel charger that works without a battery or discharged battery

    Hi Zack,

    Which demo board would be suitable for LTC4162-L41M?

    I already ordered a demo board for LTC4000-1.