• LTC3896 Filter design

    Dear team,

    Please suggest some EMI filter to pass CS101 and CE102 EMI tests for the converter LTC3896.



  • Design verification of LTC3896

    Dear AD Team,

    The query is when I am running the same design which was designed by me on the LTSPICE software tool. I am not getting the desired output.

    Please help for design of LTC3896 which is done by me. The whole design is made after reading data…

  • LTC3896 LTSpice model

    I use LTpowerCAD to find a circuit that can provide vin=9~15, vout(max)=-30V/3A.

    The only one is LTC3896, I can change variable in LTpowerCAD, but I cannot translate to LTSpice circuit.

    Can you provide LTC3896 LTSpice model? Thank you.

  • LTC3896 failure


    My goal is to generate a -54V / 2A output voltage with a 12V input voltage. I simulated it in both the LTSpice and the LTPowerCad. According to the simulations, it should work. The problem is that my circuit sometimes works and sometimes it doesn…

  • RE: LTC3896 doesn't work

    After killing many LTC3896 i want to use it in safe mode. Would Overvoltage Lockout Pin (OVLO) prevent destroying LTC3896 and is 22K(Rb) and 1K(Ra) right values for OVLO resistor divider to have rising 25.3V falling 27.6V Overvoltage protection. My Vin…

  • LTC3896 burned out top gate driver (pin TG)

    I have a problem with part of assembled DC/DC converters. (24V to -15V 6A)

    Some of the boards burned out in start powering time if the boards turned On without load.

  • LTC3896 Overheating

    Good day!

    I am trying to bring-up a power supply designed with LTC3896 and I am experiencing some difficulties.

    I am attaching the schematic and the LTpowerCAD II design.

    The circuit work as intended with or without load about 20-30 second. After power…

  • ltc3896

    what is the purpose o the NDRV mosfet ?     for a 12v to -12V @ A we must used the 3 mosfet or not ?

    do you have a smaller solution for a design the used 12V to generate minus 12v or minus 18V ?



  • RE: The LTC3896 doesn't work well.

    There is LTspice and LTpowerCAD design tools that you can use to optimize your design from the product page.


  • Measuring the LTC3896 transfer function

    Let me know how to measure the LTC3896' actual transfer function with FRA(frequency response analyzer). Where is measuring point?