• Inductor DCR current sensing with LTC3894

    I have been trying to deign a design a Buck converter with LTC3894 with constant current functionality to equalize the charge between two batteries connected in parallel. The objective is to control the equalizing charging current between the batteries…

  • LTC3894 as a Li battery charger with constant current

    Hello all,

    We have a situation where we have two Li Ion battery packs, each of 14 in series of 4.2V cells. The pack with higher state of charge (SoC), having higher voltage will charge the pack with lower SoC through a DC-DC buck with constant current…

  • LTC3894 as Li-ion battery charge equalizer with constant current.

    I have designed a circuit with LTC3894 for the purpose of equalizing the SOC of two Li-ion batteries when connected to each other through this DC-DC. The two batteries that will be connected will have a max voltage of 60 V. If there is a SOC difference…

  • LTC3894 Output Voltage

    I am looking for wide input buck convertor with input voltage range of 85 to 150Vdc, output voltage 65V, Output Current- 150mA.  Can I use LTC3894 step down convertor for my application? as per the LTC3894 datasheet maximum output voltage I can get is 60V…

  • LTC3894 gate drive

    In practice, it seems that the LTC3894 gate drive is only about 4 to 5 volts below Vin, which does not sufficiently turn on the recomnended FDMS86263 MOSFET.  In the LTSPICE simulation there is 8 volts of gate drive.   Vcap is 8V below Vin in practice, but…

  • LTC3894 short circuit issue

    Good morning,

    we are using for railways application this device and we realize 3 prototypes of board.

    The circuit keep 110Vin and generate a 24V 2A output.

    If we try short circuit condition the device broke together p-Ch mosfet and also current sense…

  • RE: LTC3894 stops working and heats after short circuit

    My application has a large LC filter before Vin = 48V.
    With a fast transient before the filter, Vin becomes slightly negative and the IC blows-up.
    Probably by SENS+, SENS- lines (had no series-resistors) discharging the 220uF output capacitor (Vout = …

  • LTC3894 LTspice PRJ

    Dear Friends

    Are there LTspice simulation examples of  LTC3894  I can download ? I'm simulating the LTC3894 with 36V VIN and -30.5V Vout  .

    While , the LTspice always  got stopped with "Analysis : Time step too small ............"

    Here are…

  • Problems with LTC3894(frequency not programmable and damaged at around 45V)

    Input: 45V


    Estimated load current :250mA

    I got a problem with LTC3894, I have use a 24.3k at FREQ pin to set the frequency close to 100kHz, however, with measurement, the frequency is only around 60kHz. I tried to increase the resistance value…

  • LTC3894 - Takes input current same as load current


    I am using LTC3894 in telematics project. I am following the same design as the demo board DC2506A. Added gate protection diode D1, & Cout4 also in my design.

    The input voltage range is 10V to 110V. Output voltage is 5V & maximum 1A load.…