• lnterleaved LTC3892(交错并联工作的LTC3892)

    Can two or more LTC3892 work in lnterleaved mode?


    For example, two LTC3892 are given two external clock signal with 90-degree difference. And all four VFB are connected together; all four ITH are connected togetherall four TRACK are…

  • RE: LTC3892 External clock with spread-spectrum

    Hi Victor

    The 389 does not have a spread spectrum clock. You could synchronize it to an external clock with spread spectrum such as the LTC6908.

  • LTC3892 overheating

    I am using the LTC3892 for dual 9A 36V outputs. I have noticed that using one channel/side of the LTC3892 everything works but as soon as I turn on the other side the voltages start turning on and off and the the LT3892 gets hot. 

    I am powering the chip…

  • LTC3892 gate drive

    I am finding that the LTC3892 appears to be having the high side gate drivers getting killed.  I looked through the datasheet and it does not indicate the drive current that the high side gate drive can source.  

    What is the maximum  and continuous gate drive…

  • LTC3892-1 Eval Board

    I'd like to know about  R19/20 value of DC2190A-A.

    Would you tell me the reason these value are 100ohm?

    Because I couldn't find any description about this in the datasheet.


  • LTC3892 for high power buck

    I am trying to use the LTC3892 for a 36V to 29V @ 10A buck application. In this configuration would I need to use an external VCC for the LTC3892? 

    Specifically I have noticed I am starting to brown out the output at around 3-4A @ 30V, then the chip gets…

  • short circuit protection on buck DC/DC converter LTC3892-1

    Hi everyone

        I am design a abuck dc/dc(LTC3892-1) converter、the output is 14V 36A,When I do the short circuit protection test, the BG1 pin burns out, I want to know if LTC3892-1 has short circuit protection?

  • LTC3892-1 in DRVcc=5 configuration has a gate drive current of around 510mA instead of 2A

    I used LTC3892-1 as a 20A output 32V -> 12V DCDC converter. I have the DRVSET set to 50k, so the DRVcc is 5V. The circuit was also simulated in LTSpice and seemed to be correct.

    The configuration is:

    DRVUV = 49.9K (5V)

    FREQ = 54.9k (350kHz)


  • Loop design 环路设计

    Making LTC3892 as an example,  the chip using peak current control. How should the compensation of voltage loop be designed? Specifically, how should the resistance and capacitance of ITH pins be designed?


  • LTC7802 Parallel Function


    Does this part can do parallel function?

    Like the way LTC3892 do 12V/60A function on demo board?

    By the way, why this part output current ability is only 12A?

    Thanks a lot.