• LTC3892 compensator modify

    Hi ADI,

    The compensation inside LTC3892 block diagram looks like voltage ( pin Vfb) and current (pin sense+-) compensation in series. Can I use voltage compensation only? How do I disable (or modify) the current compensator?

    Thank you 

    Ginger Lin

  • RE: ltc3892 shorted TG and SW

    I think the ltc3892 uses a depletion FET between the TG and SW pins.  That would make it appear shorted when the device is off.  I have been using this chip for a while and have seen that, but when operating the gate drive is fine.

  • LTC3892 External clock with spread-spectrum


    LTC3892 support external synchronization using PLLIN/MODE pin.

    But unfortunately datasheet not provide any information about support for spread-spectrum clock.
    Does LTC3892 support spread-spectrum clock? Any limitation for modulation range?

    -- Regards…

  • Do you have an Excel sheet for LTC3892 parameter design?

    Do you have an Excel sheet for LTC3892 parameter design?

  • LTC3892-1 Eval Board

    I'd like to know about  R19/20 value of DC2190A-A.

    Would you tell me the reason these value are 100ohm?

    Because I couldn't find any description about this in the datasheet.


  • short circuit protection on buck DC/DC converter LTC3892-1

    Hi everyone

        I am design a abuck dc/dc(LTC3892-1) converter、the output is 14V 36A,When I do the short circuit protection test, the BG1 pin burns out, I want to know if LTC3892-1 has short circuit protection?

  • lnterleaved LTC3892(交错并联工作的LTC3892)

    Can two or more LTC3892 work in lnterleaved mode?


    For example, two LTC3892 are given two external clock signal with 90-degree difference. And all four VFB are connected together; all four ITH are connected togetherall four TRACK are…

  • LTC3892-1 in DRVcc=5 configuration has a gate drive current of around 510mA instead of 2A

    I used LTC3892-1 as a 20A output 32V -> 12V DCDC converter. I have the DRVSET set to 50k, so the DRVcc is 5V. The circuit was also simulated in LTSpice and seemed to be correct.

    The configuration is:

    DRVUV = 49.9K (5V)

    FREQ = 54.9k (350kHz)


  • LTC3892 gate drive

    I am finding that the LTC3892 appears to be having the high side gate drivers getting killed.  I looked through the datasheet and it does not indicate the drive current that the high side gate drive can source.  

    What is the maximum  and continuous gate drive…

  • LTC3892 overheating

    I am using the LTC3892 for dual 9A 36V outputs. I have noticed that using one channel/side of the LTC3892 everything works but as soon as I turn on the other side the voltages start turning on and off and the the LT3892 gets hot. 

    I am powering the chip…