• RE: LTC3891 - maximum voltage adjustment range ?


    the limitation towards 24V comes from the current sense opamp inside the LTC3891. The SENSE+ and SENSE-  pins have an absmax rating of 28V. So if you go beyond 24V internal opamps will not work properly AND (more severe) is a possible failure reason…

  • RE: LTC3891 PLLIN

    Hi Siglo,

    Thanks for the information. I'm working on my own design that uses the same layout as the demo board. It's hard to get the PLLIN bit wrong.

    Unfortunately, it's been a few weeks since I looked at this design as I'm working on another…

  • LTC3891 -PLL Input

    Has anyone used the PLLIN/MODE for external synchronization?

    I've tried all the options shown on the evaluation board schematic and had no luck.

    Other circuits that I've designed recently using the LTC3895 and LTC3858-1, have both worked as described…

  • LTC3891 - Over-temperature Protection?


    We use the LTC3891 controller in our buck design, 24V to 5V, 1.4W.

    We have performed some thermal characterization tests on our design up to 175°C and maybe more, depending on oven calibration (less than 200°C).

    The 5V buck has been turned…

  • LTC3891 support 12V/20A


                Could LTC3891 support 54VIN to 12V/20A (non-isolate) ? What is max OCP of LTC3891? Thank you.



  • LTC3891 RUN pin noise

    I am currently utilizing the LTC3891 with a 499k between PWR and RUN and a 100k between RUN and GND.  I do not need the UVLO function, and I believe I am potentially picking up noise on this device that is causing the RUN pin to go low.

    The LTC3891 says…

  • LTC3891 low output current

    I cannot reach the design current of 6A with this IC.

    The maximum current I can achieve is ~1A, if I increase the load further the gate drive signals clash. I have experimented with adding additional capacitors in the input, output and after the output…

  • 请教一下关于LTC3891开关电源遇到的开关频率调节问题


  • RE: LTC3891IFE现在需要调整电阻使输出电压为5V,输出电流可以达到多少


  • RE: LTC3372

    We will not have an LTC3372 LTPC model for a few months. Meanwhile, the LTC3891 LTPowerCAD model or LTspice model can be used to model the LTC3372 HV converter.