• LTC3889 Soft Start Waveform ramp

    I am currently measuring rise time of LTC3889 using EVKIT and custom board designed by us.

    When I enable Vout and I see many ramps during soft start.

    This is soft-start waveform of LTC3889 EVKIT.

    Setting of Tonrise is 1ms.

    This is soft-start waveform…

  • RE: Unexpected LTC3889 Iout OC fault

    This post is still open and is two months old. Can someone help me to clarify it?


  • LTC3889 Voltage Drop


    I have a question about LTC3889. I designed my circuit according to this schematic and order PCB board. I adjusted configuration resistors according to 5 volt. When I first power up I get 5 volts from the Outputs but then I get no output. It's like…

  • LTC3889 VIN over-voltage fault issue


    I'm testing a custom board with the LTC3889 and I cannot set the outputs to any voltage. The design is the same that 2595A Demo Circuit except for EXTVCC that in this case it's connected to an external 12V instead Vout0.

    I've connected DC1613A…

  • RE: LTSpice error using LTC3889 Demo Board


    I was just scanning through the forum and noticed this post.

    LTC3889 is now available in LTspice.

  • DC2595A (LTC3889) on LTSketchbook library


    I'd need to automate some tuning on DC2595A (LTC3889) board so in this case the LTPowerPlay is not a good solution. The Application Note AN170 suggests it can be done using the Linduino library, more precisely the LTSketchbook for the right device…

  • LTC3889 Design


    I am working on LTC3889 now.I have a some question.

    First of all, there is a different GND at ITHR1,ITHR0,ITH1 and ITH0.but in the example on the first page of the datasheet they are all shown with the same gnd link. Can you clarify that?


  • About LTC3889


    My input voltage range is 27-48 V. And my schematic like that. When ı set this circuit, ı dont have any output voltage.. 


    my schematic like that.

    when ı measured ;

    VDD25 -->3 V

    VDD33 --> 4 V

    DRVCC --> 6.8 V

    Vout0,Vout1 --> 0.5 V


  • LTC3889

    Hi Dear

    I want to ask question about LTC3889. 

    Do you have a software tool for LTC3889 PMBus like a code generator?

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards


  • PCB design guide for LTC3889

    Hello team, 

    I am curious if you have PCB design guide for the LTC3889. I am trying to build own PCB. The reference design which is available has 6 layer design. If this design can be designed using 4 layer.  I am using full current capacity i.e. 20A