• LTC3886 IC not able to generate the Vout.

    We are using 2 LTC3886 IC for generating power supply 0.8V, 1.8V, 1.25V and 3.3V using I2C communication by firmware code.


    Let’s say we need to generate 2.5V on page 0.

    1. For reference we have use LTPowerPlay software for register list in that we…
  • How to modify LTC3886 NVM

    Now we need new VOUT, want to modify EEPROM. firstly we use PMBUS to download  parameter in RAM, and it work OK.

     Page1 (old parameter , has been stored in NVM,   and VOUT 3V )
    0x26 -> 0x2d9a #Page 1 VOUT_MARGIN_LOW 2.85V
    0x43 -> 0x2ca4 #Page 1 VOUT_UV_WARN_LIMIT…

  • LTC3886-1 Register Value Question

    Dear Sir/Mamm,

    I have a question two condition of LTC3886-1.   

    I want to know how the register setting changes in both cases of LTC3886-1.

    1. When using four independent channels of output:

    2. To combine outputs into one and use four outputs,

    I will…

  • LTC3886 current balance


    想使用LTC3886的PolyPhase LOAD SHARING功能, 若輸入為2個不同power source(約為48V) ,  分別提供給2顆LTC3886, 如按照Datasheet 所述, 將 VOUT pins are connected together and both
    ITH pins are tied together. 是否可以實現PolyPhase LOAD SHARING?

  • LTC3886-1 power off current setting status

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i am doing a review of LTC3886-1. 

    Does the Fault Detect function power off if the current flows above 38A?

    < Datasheet Current Setting >

    Current sense R : 2m ohm

    IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT :  High Range

    IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT(0x46) : 38…

  • 4 Phase operation for LTC3886

    Dear ADI-er.

    Can LTC3886 design to 4 phase operation ?

    It is 3 phase operation in page 22 datasheet.

    Plz help me.

  • 請問有 sample code 介紹如何對LTC3886 這一顆IC 做設定嗎


    我想要使用LTC3886 來做power的輸出,不知有沒有 sample code 介紹如何對LTC3886 這一顆IC 做設定嗎

  • LTC3886 Current Accuracy(Isense+/-) specification , PCB recommand guide, Current sense scheme review request.

    Using the LTC3886 current sensing data is not matched my ideal result.

    Could you please advice Isense schematic review,  PCB recommand guide(pattern thick, length, etc) and Current sense accuracy specification? 

  • RE: LTC3889 VIN over-voltage fault issue

    I've already managed to set the outputs VOUT0 and VOUT1. I had not taken into account that RUN0 and RUN1 should be driven with open drain outputs.

    The only doubt that remains for me to clarify is the label LTC3886 instead of LTC3889 in the LTpowerPlay…

  • RE: LTC3870 spice model

    Hello John,

    As we know, LTC3870 is the slave controller (or phase extender) to work with LTC3880, LTC3883, LTC3886 and LTC3887 master controller. There are no output voltage sensing pins and voltage loop inside LTC3870. So LTC3870 can not work alone without…