• LTC3883 - current limit not working

    After ordering the demo circuit 1778A-B and implementing the I2C PmBus protocol i'm able to read values and change the registers both Byte and Word. All commands are tested and working fine. When i set the Iout Oc Fault Limit to 1Amp the current i…

  • LTC3883 - Factory Trim Area NVM CRC Fault

    While working on the LTC3883 dev board i received an error from the StatusWord being: 'Factory Trim Area NVM CRC Fault.'

    When trying to erase the eeprom data, or write all user config results in the same problem.

    Which steps can be taken to clear…

  • RE: LTC3883 VIN=5V

    Hi Qihang,

    For 5Vin, tie INTVcc to VIN to bypass the internal LDO. Please refer to page 46 of LTC3883 datasheet for details.

  • LTC3883 ESD Protection

    Does the LTC3883 provide any ESD protection on any of the pins?  Specifically looking at the ITH pin.

  • RE: LTC3883/LTC3883-1 Configuration


    Any fault or warning event will cause the ALERTB pin to assert low unless the fault or warning (with some exceptions) is masked by SMBALERT_MASK . LTC3883 does not support SMBALERT_MASK feature and ALERTB cannot be masked. Therefore, GPIO pin and…


    What is meant in the datasheet, pg. 80 by "The TON_DELAY will have a typical delay of 270μs with an uncertainty of ±50μs."?

    Is the 270us an additional delay when TON_DELAY is used?  Is there a 270us delay even if TON_DELAY is set…

  • LTC3883 EEPROM Retention

    The LTC3883 gives the minimum EEPROM retention at 10 years if Tj < 125 deg.C, but does not give data for lower temperatures.

    The datasheet also gives a de-rating equation for Tj > 125, but I'm interested in the data retention time for Tj <125.…

  • LTC3883 and LTC3883EUH will not regulate

    Both of my in house design LTC3883 target and LTC3883EUH evaluation board will NOT regulate the at 3.9V O/P using a 5V Input Power. In particular I would like to address the LTC3883EUH since it is a known design.

    1. INTVcc has been connected to Vin as per…
  • RE: LTC3870 spice model

    Hello John,

    As we know, LTC3870 is the slave controller (or phase extender) to work with LTC3880, LTC3883, LTC3886 and LTC3887 master controller. There are no output voltage sensing pins and voltage loop inside LTC3870. So LTC3870 can not work alone without…

  • RE: Powerful 的大咖现身,有奖邀你来谈 Power

    LTC3883  Single Phase Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Digital Power System Management,单向输出buck控制器,输入电压4.5V到24V,输出0,5V到5.5V,第一个学习的电源芯片,也是第一次工作跟着大佬做电源。性能及其卓越,那时候才开始工作真的学习到了很多东西。