• LTC3880 does not start


    Recently, I started debugging the LTC3880.

    I checked the VIN=12V, INTVCC=5V, VDD33 = 3.3V, VDD25=2.5V.

    In the Project file, I had set VIN_ON=6.5V, VIN_OFF=6.0V

    I'm using USB to PMBus tool DC1613A.

    The LTC3880 Data sheet, Vin is larger than VIN_ON…

  • Dead EEPROM in LTC3880?

    Hello! I need help with the LTC3880 chip.

    We assembled a batch of boards and during testing it turned out that LTC3880 did not work. The test showed that the chip does not respond to requests via the PMBUS at the specified address, but responds at the…

  • LTC3880 EEPROM

    What is the size of the EEPROM inside of the LTC3880? Any help would be appreciated?

  • LTC3880 Resistor Current Sense Circuit

    Hi Engineer Zone,

    Our customer use LTC3880 to design circuit, almost is system is good, but 2 boards had some issue just like as below, the frequency is abnormal lead to VOUT ripple too large to work. (System turn off)

    We will try to add loading and…

  • LTC3880

    We try to develop the algorithm for LTC3880 successfully and get the “MFR_MODEL” value(ASCII : LTC3880).

    But we didn’t know what registers we should program?

    If anyone can provide the test code of LTC3880 for the testing?

  • LTC3880 sample rate of Vsense

    Hi ADI member,

    About LTC3880, we had some questions need your support.


    1) See block diagram, 16-BIT ADC with 8:1 MUX in Figure 1, how is there sampling rate for each pipe e.g VSENSE0– and VSENSE0+?

    2) Is there any sampling window or sample counts…

  • LTC3870 spice model


    Using LTSpice to model LTC3870.  The circuit uses 2 of these and NOT the LTC3880.  The macromodel test fixture uses LTC3880 and LTC3870 and the control parameters are entered into the LTC3880 device.  Using the LTC3870 on its own seems to work sometimes…

  • LTC3880EUJ#TRPBF Programming

    We are using LTC3880 successfully and get the “MFR_MODEL” value(ASCII : LTC3880).

    However, we lack of the registers which pins we should program & if anyone can provide us the testing code as a reference.

  • RE: LTM4675 Bulk Programming


    Please refer to LTC3880 regarding the bulk programming. 


  • RE: LTC3882 multiphase current sharing at load step

    Hello Rafal,

    In the LTC3882 example circuit, phase 0 is the master and phase 1 is the slave. The slave phase has an internal current share error amplifier which adjusts the slave's duty cycle to ensure the inductors currents in the master and slave phases…