• OPAMP lt6200-5

    In LT6200-5 OPAMP datasheet it is given that gain bandwidth product is equal to 800MHz at Av>=5. What is the maximum frequency at which LT6200-5 can be operated  with proper rise and fall time.?

    Is there is any method to improve the rise and fall time…

  • AD7091R-5 I2C


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer give us a question. There is a MOSFET inside SDA pin of AD7091R-5. On the other hand, is there NO MOSFET inside SCL pin of AD7091R-5? According to Table 5, we couldn't see Open-drain output about SCL as follows.…

  • accel_ifft_large ERROR 5


    I am receiving an error from accel_ifft_large function with the error handler print:


    "ERROR: FFT error code 7"

    and then I receive a lot:

    "ERROR: FFT error code 5"

    Where can I see the documentation of and information about…

  • LT1019-5 DIP8

    关于LT1019-5 DIP8 是否有可替代的料

  • AD7091R-5 driver


    I can't see a download link for your AD7091R-5 driver for Linux anywhere. I looked here: AD7091R5 ADC Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    Can someone please provide a link?



  • BD 5-216

    ERROR: [BD 5-216] VLNV <analog.com:user:axi_ad9361:1.0> is not supported for the current part.

    ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'create_bd_cell' failed due to earlier errors.

        while executing

    "create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv analog.com:user:axi_ad9361…

  • AD9520-5 PLL

    I haven't found the way to set the prescaler of AD9520-5 to 1. In datasheet says that prescaler in fixed division can be set to 1, 2 or 3. But also below the "VCO/VCXO Feedback Divider N: P, A, B, R" says that P can be 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32. I have…

  • can the LTC4440ES6-5 be driven by a fix DC level?

    What happens if the LTC4440ES6-5 is driven by a DC level?

    does it still work?

    is there an app note?

    Thank you


  • AD9371 Questions 5


    Currently we are working with the ADRV9371-W/PCBZ EVB.

    We are using the Xilinx, HW-Z7-ZC706 Rev: B evaluation platform in order to control the AD9371.

    We would like to add DPD code to the Xilinx evaluation platform and keep using the TES in order…