• +-5 from single +5

    can you suggest any way to produce +-5 from +5.
    I need it for one 4ch differential signal summer op-amp plus salen-key filter op-amp.

    Is there any DC/DC converter or something in ADI that doing this?

  • RE: AD7091R-5

    Yes. The voltage range on the VDRIVE pin on AD7091R-5 is from 1.8V to 5.25V. However, the voltage on the VDRIVE pin must never exceed the voltage on the VDD pin by more than 0.3V for ADR7091R-5.

    For the AD7091R, the voltage on the VDRIVE pin can be anywhere…

  • LTC1693-5


    Do the transient thermal curves of part# LTC1693-5 allow its output to quickly charge a capacitor as depicted here? Less than several microsec charge time is desired. The datasheet lists Rth of 200 C/W, which suggests this is not possible, but…

  • LTC4440ES6-5

    Is there an IBIS model for  this part?

    Please email me the link

    Thank you

    Fausto bartra

  • VDK Messaging Loopback with Node to Node Messages (BF561 VDSP 5 Update 5)

    I am trying to understand how the use of loopback (option 1 in the attachment) works when utilizing node to node messaging.

    It is my understanding that in loopback all messages would be created upon initialization and the messages are reused as needed…

  • RE: LTC4444-5 PWM 3,3V problem


    From the pictures provided, it looks like your PWM signal for BINP/TINP from the signal generator has an amplitude of 3.3V with no offset, does this give you a signal from 0V to 3.3V or is it -1.65V to 1.65V? If it is going from -1.65V to 1.65V, this…

  • RE: LTC7803+LT8550 5 Phases application

    Hi Snow,

    The LT8550 has not been verified to work well with the LTC7803. The max frequency of the LT8550 is 1MHz where the LT7803 has been optimized for much higher frequencies with much fast switching times. The LTC7803 may work well with the LT8550…

  • RE: ADG726 powered with 3.3voly but 5 volt input applied


    if the current flowing into the input was low ( below 30 mA) then you may be ok. However the best practice would be to replace the device.



  • no os driver for altera cyclone 5 fpga board


    i want to build no os driver for altera cyclone 5 FPGA board for the ad7768,ad7768-1 .Can you please help me the steps for how to build the no os driver for this.it would be very helpful if you can share any links for the procedure .

    Thanks &Regards…

  • LT1129-5 vs ADP7102 for providing power to the AD7928?


    I would like to know if you could provide some facts in terms of specifications for the LT1129-5 and ADP7102 that can help to define which fits better for providing power to the AD7928.

    I wonder if I can use a switching supply along with the LT1129…