• LTC3871


    I would very much appreciate if one can go through the voltage loop of either configuration in the LTC3871, I find it very difficult to understand the flow described in the datasheet. 


    1. What is the mathematical expression of ICMP1…

  • LTC3871

    Dear sir,

    I'm considering to use LTC3871 to design a powerbank. The battery side is 14S and input/out interface is a USB type C interface.  Here I have some questions:

    1. The example in datasheet is a buck battery charger. Does LTC3871 support boost…

  • LTC3871 ILIM pin

    Hi, I am designing a 2 phase buck converter,48V to 12V 300W per phase, using the LTC3871 controller and LTpowerCAD. One of the parameters to configure is the current limit via the ILIM pin. In the following picture, the current limit is configured. My…

  • LTC3871 Datasheet

    In the datasheet PDF of the part LTC3871 on page 20 you mention a "Current Foldback graph in the Typical Performance Characteristics section". I couldn't find the graph in the datasheet. Please help. Thank you.

  • LTC3871 for polyphase


    Is it possible 16 phase operation using LTC3871 by 45 deg setting?

    If it is possible, then are there any critical point?

    I'm not sure but it is difficult to achieve complete 16 phase operation because of turn on balance.

    (i.e. phase matching…

  • LTC3871 not working

    I've designed a board based on LTC3871 chip. But it doesn't work at all. When I connent the supply in buck or boost mode, the V5 LDO of the IC would not work and everything is off. I dont know what is wrong. Please tell me if there is a point…

  • LTC3871 3 phase application


    I would like to confirm the LTC3871 3 phase operation (figure2a), how to connection the unused phase pin? Should floating all of unused signal pin? Such as TG2, SW2, BG2, SNSA2+, SNSD2-….etc. It only found the PHSMD pin information in datasheet.…

  • LTC3871 slop compensation


    Are they similar between BUCK and BOOST  for "Maximum Current Sense Threshold vs Duty Cycle"?

    (P7 graph)

    Best Regards


  • LTC3871 work in DCM

    The inductance current oscillates when the LTC3871 operates in the interrupted mode of the inductor current. What causes the oscillation, the detection mode works in the DRC mode.

  • LTC3871 does not work properly

    Hello all,

    I have designed a LTC3871 board referenced from the demo board DC2348A3-B schematic and made some changes according to my needs. I want to use LTC3871 as DC to DC voltage converter from 48V to 24V 20A output. So far I have boards produced…