• LTC3863产生-5V电源,改变布局电源性能不一样



  • LTC3863 noise issue


    I need some guidance on determining why the LTC3863 is so noisy.

    I have a custom designed 10 layer PCB with 24v input (linear bench supply) feeding an LTC3863 set for -78v, a LT3757 set for +78v, and several low voltage linear regulators.  The physical…

  • LTC3863 simulation output -150V

    Hi ADI team,

    I would like to generate a negative voltage around -100V  to -150V. I found an example on datasheet page 38 and I modified the components accordingly. I ran LTspice but it seems the output voltage cannot reach -150V.




  • LTC3863 use at -150v

    Hello -

    I'd like to use the LTC3863 inverting DC/DC controller IC for a design.  The requirements are 24v Vin and -150v Vout at 100mA.  I see Figure 16 of the data sheet shows a nice reference design but is limited to 40mA per the circuit notes.  What…

  • Power cad support LTC3863

    Hi , 

    I am trying to design a power with 12 V input and a variable voltage of -12V to -55V @ 3mA .

    Could you please let me know if there is a LTpower cad implementation for LTC3863. 

    I have used a example , and also the calculation but not able to get…

  • LTC3863

    I need to turn the load on after the output voltage is stable, however, as shown in the picture, after power on @ ~1.2mS, the output voltage starts to grow and more more negative.

    What is wrong here?


  • negative voltage psu on LTC3863

    I just build on my pcb application from Figure 14. 12V to 42V Input, –48V/300mA Output, 440kHz Inverting Converter
    from LTC3863 manual. Without loads it works fine (consumption current bellow 5 mA) but with load 480R consumtion, after power…
  • LTC3863 compensation (Ith pin)

    Is there a defined method to get an initial set of values for the Ith pin RC filter on the LTC3863?  Or is there a version of the model available for AC analysis?

  • RE: 当使用LTC3863产生-5V输出电压时,连接负载后压降特别大是什么原因?输入电压是+5V,电路参数根据器件资料设置的。


  • LTC3864 Positive Controller and LTC3863 Negative Controller are not working with input voltage above 9VDC.

    Hi Team,

    We are using LTC3864 and LTC3863 Controller in our design. In the simulation, it is working fine with 5V to 12V input supply, the circuit diagram, or design as shown in the image link /resized-image/__size/478x254/__key/communityserver-discussions…