• RE: LTC3862-1 in 6 Phase Application

    Hi Yusuf,

    There are no output seen in your simulation since the VIN pins are connected by the VIN signal and connected directly with a capacitor which in turn blocks the DC input coming from the supply. for input filtering, connect the capacitor in parallel…

  • LTC3862 in single phase operation

    Hi ADIExpert

    I am using LTC3862 to implement a boost converter with 12Vin/54Vout 3A with two phase operation

    however, they is a sku that may only need 54out/1.5A so I would like to keep using LTC3862 but with only single phase opeartion

    May I know what…

  • about LTC3862 FB(feedback) voltage

    i have designed a LTC3862 solution, designed output voltage is 107V/1.5A , and the circuit is same as LTC3862 datasheet parts 107V out circuit. but when measure the output points, it has not 107V , and i change the feedback resistor is not work , the feedback…

  • about LTC3862 FB(feedback) voltage

    我有设计一个以 LTC3862-1 为核心的DCDC转换板,设计输出是107V的电压,电路是手册的事例电路。但是发现反馈点电压 Vfb 只有0.8V, 无论怎么调节反馈电阻反馈电压都不变话,ITH 电压是2.7V, 但是如果我调节负载(调节范围从 90欧姆至100欧姆)的话输出电压会变化,反馈电压也会随着变化。 是什么原因导致了输出会随负载变化, 是什么原因导致了反馈电压不为1.223V,且不可调, 谁能解释一下吗? 谢谢。

  • LTC3862 DC-DC Boost Converter Design Problem

    Hello Everyone,

    I am going to design step up DC-DC converter using LTC3862 but my output voltage is not fixed and i want to vary it using microcontroller. But i could not find any pin in  datasheet to control the output voltage except FB pin.

    I don't know…

  • LTC3862-2 输入电压纹波高

    用LTC3862-2做了一个2相的BOOST 电源,电压由12V升到90V。输出接线性电阻时输入纹波很小,当输出接音频功率放大器时,且功率很小时,输入的纹波很高,输出的电压很稳定,且纹波很小。想请问下这是哪里的问题?



  • LTC3862: I want to use it with an external error amplifier

    Hello everyone.

    I want to operate CV/CC using an external error amplifier on the LT3862-1.

    The output of the external error amplifier is connected to ITH, but abnormal confusion.

    Is there any good way?

  • RE: LTC3784 150V/600W application

    Formally you can not do this, because violation of SW pins ABS MAX. You might take a look at non-sync boost controller as LTC3862-1.

  • RE: I have a few questions about switching voltage stabilizer

    You can use LT3571 with APD Voltage: up to 70V. You might use  LTC3862-1 for higher voltages to bias avalanche photodiodes, but I'm not aware of verified solutions at this time.  For the rest of the questions please contact local ADI support center…