• RE: LTC3789 buck boost converters


    Thanks for your feedback. The pb has been identified and solved : Mosfet QD wired gate resistor was 5K instead of 5R (BOM mistake).

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  • LTC3789 failures

    We are using the LTC3789 alonside the LTC4000 in an arrangment which is identical to the DC1721A-A Demo board (schematic and layout) for a LiFe battery charger and portable radio PSU application. Unfortunately we have had half a dozen failures of the…

  • LTC3789 Paralleling


    I design DC/DC power supply with two interleaved LTC3789`s.

    DC/DC specification:

    1. Vin=9-36V
    2. Vout=18V
    3. Iout = 30A
    4. Fsw = 400 kHz
    5. External Spread-Spectrum Sync

    My schematic based on DC2253A reference design.
    Single channel circuit design and component…

  • LTC3789 design question

    hi all,

    the new  project  :  VIN=18~36VDC      VOUT=28V   IOUT=5A

    the LTC3789 is appropriate choice? and also the other better applications for me? thanks a lot.

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    Hi, my name is Juan

    Im using the LTC3789 with the LTC4000. I simulate the circuit on the LTSpice but it doesn´t work when I connect the ITH of the LTC3789 with the ITH pin of the LTC4000. If i dont connect one with the other averything Works well till…

  • RE: LTC3789 Output Does not meet the Specification

    Hi Ben,

    Vout should remain constant regardless of the load. The problem is probably due to the degraded component since replacing it fixes the issue, or maybe due to a poor solder joint.

  • LTC3789 inrush current issue

    Hi ADI Expert

    I have seen some inrush current issue on LTC3789 when I connect Iosense+- to Vout, (which stated in the datasheet when no output current sense is required)

    as you can see in the below pic1

    the Vout rose rapidly to around 4V in a very short…

  • LTC3789 or LT3790 Sync to external clock

    LTC3789 (PLL) or LT3790 I need to use external Sync of 250KHz and move to 255KHz. what would be the expected settling time in each component to the new switching frequency? 


  • LTC3789空载发热严重

    用LTC3789实现输入14-19V 输出15V 3.5A。芯片一上电(用VCC=16.5V测试) 空载电流有200mA 导致芯片发热严重,请教有什么原因导致.下面给出原理图与PCB。

  • LTC3789 12V 12A buck-boost doesn't work

    hi Everyone,

    I'm in a need of 12V 12A starting from 7-11V DCDC power supply

    i have found out about LTC3789 and i had copied exactly component by component development board DC1757 ---> https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/eval…