• RE: LTC3787 Spike Alloy

    Apology, ADI has no related info. 

  • Questions about 6- Phase operation of LTC3787


    My customer wants to use 6-phase operation of LTC3787 device.

    And they have some questions about 6-phase operation of LTC3787 device.

    Please refer below questions and let me know your advices.

    Q1) Vin : 22V to 33.6V, Vout: 48V, 12A

          Should they…

  • DC2001A (LTC3787): Evaluation board layout

    Hi,Support team

    Our Customer references DC2001A  Evaluation board layout.

    I checked the layout, but the external output terminal (E4) is not connected to the Internal layer GND pattern.

    Is there any intention here? Should I connect to the Internal layer?

  • RE: 关于LTC3787芯片功耗的疑问


  • LTC3784 (LTC3787)- 1200W 4 phase FCC design - Hot inductors while idling, no load connected

    Hi Linear-Staff,

    we designed a 4-phase layout with the LTC3874 in a 2/4 phase arrangement. Everything seems to perform like expected but the inductors getting really hot when using FCC with no load connected.

    The design is made with the following specs…

  • LTC3787polyphase application


    I would like to use LTC3787 for polyphase application boosting 5 batteries (each 14.7V) to 26V.

    My question is whether the single LTC3787 (it has two phases) can receive 2 different power sources (batteries in my case) or the input should be the same…

  • RE: DC/DC CONVERTER Vout:48V Vin:12-24V Iout:12A

    Hi Mikee,

    I'm working on the Boost to supply a BLDC motor 48V (10A) for several months.

    After studying the various Analog solutions (I bought some evaluations), using LTCAD Power to simulate different circuits with different IC and exchanging some…

  • What would be some limiting factors for high power DC/DC boost converters

    I am looking into designing a custom boost converter for a project of mine.

    I need a PSU for an audio amplifier that can convert battery power (21V to 27V) into 36V with peak power output of around 620W (17.2A)

    I chose a LTC3787 PolyPhase Synchronous…


    I am experiencing the same issue with the LTC3787, when the RUN pin is brought to below 0.7V, the VIN is routed to VOUT. I do have a 0.1uF on the SS pin. I checked that INTVcc is turning off as well.... I do not understand why the TG pins of the top gates…

  • PCB Current sense Layout in Boost


    I notice in PCB Layout Debugging. Boost converter Datasheet like LTC3787 and LTC3784. It has the following statement in every boost converter:

    Might I know what is the "improper hook-up" meaning? Do it mean current sensing leads polarity reverse …