• LTC3786 MPPT design


    I am wondering if there are any downsides or things i must consider in trying to adapt the LTC3786 to be used in a MPPT (solar to battery) synchronous boost charge system.  The idea being to use an MCU to control a programable pot  on the lower half…

  • LTC4000 & LTC3786


    I am using a LTC4000 and a LT3786 to boost from 14-24V to 25.2V. And to charge my battery at 25.2V.

    The boost circuit does not work, as the output follows the input. The battery charges, but the maximum voltage it charges to is the input voltage,…

  • LTC3786 Inductor Selection


    I am working to create a high efficiency boost converter to supply 17.5v @1A max, from input voltage ranging from 4-15v. 

    Altering DC1641A would be easy enough to create a rudimentary prototype, however I need to minimize the PCB footprint and overall…

  • LTC3786 Current Limit Protection

    As I know, LTC3786 has input current limit protection to protect input power.

    How about output?

    When input protection happened, the input voltage pass through to output.

    Then output still work but voltage dropout, high side MOS will has risk damage.

  • adjustable boost converter with LTC3786


    is it possible to design an adjustable boost converter with LTC3786, I mean a converter which be able to produce voltages from 5v to 18v and current 0-5A from an 4.5v input voltage ? 

    if yes why when I design in LTpowerCAD by reducing output voltage…

  • LTC3786 DC-DC boost

    Hi Sir,

    We've few question about LTC3786 and EVM

    a . It's DCR sense current ? looks different with datasheet Figure

    b. The PLLIN/MODE pin can be dynamic switching ? 


    Thanks for kindly help.

  • LTC3786 Solution for Mosfet


    This is Sreenath, and I was going through the datasheet of "LTC3786", and I had a look for the high efficient boost converter application diagram using DRC attached.

    So, the question is that, in the application diagram I saw that there…


    I made PCB according to manufacturers recomanded design, and placed all components according to LT Spice CAD proposal to achieve best efficiency for desired parameters. This design doesn't give desired output, it is just routing input voltage to output…

  • LTC3786 1641A PCB file

    Hi, Does anybody knows what CAD program this PCB was developed. Schematics are OrCad but I can't import PCB. Currently I'm using Altium.



  • RE: LTC3786 leakage of SNS- pin

    Hi T-yoshi,

    Is this a question for LTC3871?