• LTC3784 Passthrough Mode?

    Hello everyone, quick question about the LTC3784:

    i need the controller to be able to run in a "passthrough" mode, Top FETs are on and V_in is justed directly passed to V_out.

    As far as i see, the datasheet does not provide any specific information…

  • LTC3784 LTSpice Model & Slope Compensation

    Hey everyone,

    i got some problems with simulation the LTC3784:

    Below 50% Dutycycle, the well known subharmonic oscillations for the current mode controller do occur in LTSpice, it seems they do not in PowerCAD. 

    Anyway, the datasheet only mentions something…

  • LTC3784

    The LTC3784 INTVcc voltage is set to 5.4V by the interal LDOs.  Is it possible to add an external power supply of 6 to 10V to this pin in order to increase the gate drive voltages?  I assume that while LTSpice is OK with doing this a real working circuit…
  • LTC3784 (LTC7841, etc.) Boost Capacitor value

    Dear Sirs

    Datasheets for LTC3784 (p.23)  and (at least) LTC7841 (p. 31) have note

    " The value of the boost capacitor CB needs to be 100 times that of the total input capacitance of the topside MOSFET(s)."

    But on all application schematic`s 0…

  • LTC3784: Gan Transistor drive connectable

    Hi team,

    I would like to use GaN transistor for Boost Converter with Vout:48V connecting between LTC3784 and Gan Mosfet  Two Half-Bridge suitable to Gan (for each phase).

    in that case, I have a doubt about the SW node : it could be connected to ground…

  • LTC3784 charge large capacitor

    Hi Linear-Staff,

    How will the LT3784 charge to a large 3 mF capacity load? If the current threshold is exceeded, the LT3784 will completely switch off or switch to the current generator mode?

    Best regards, Alexander

  • LTC3784 SGND - PGND Separation

    Hello everyone, 

    i'd have some questions about the GNDs of the LTC3784. The project i'm working on is a 12-to-36V Boost Converter with Power Envelop Tracking from up to 4 Audio Signals. 

    The Envelop Tracking is done with multible OPAs and lastly…

  • LTC3784 for 4 Phase 48V output can not load share equally


    I have 2 pieces DC2061A board and connect them according to Page34 of the datasheet.

    Then,I set the CCM mode with the 100W load.

    Although the output valtage is correct(DC 48V),the load currect cannot share equally as described in the datasheet Page 38…

  • LTC3784 one mosfet pair runs hot

    Dear forum,

    I developed a 24V>48V boost converter using 2x LTC3784 in 4 phase mode.

    When loading the circuit only 10% of rated power, one of the mosfet pairs (drive pins 14/16 qfn) runs much warmer than the others. This happens

    only at the "master…

  • LTC3784 Switching timing in multiphase application

    I have a couple of questions regarding the LTC3784 in multiphase configuration.

    When having 4 phases is it possible to run both controllers in pulse-skip mode? The datasheet states that the slave needs to get a proper clock to have pulse-skip working…