• LTC3780+AD5174

    Hello! I make a charger for assembling 6S using LTC3780 and MCU STM32. To change the output voltage of the LTC3780, I use a digital rheostat AD5174. Part of the circuit with LTC3780 and AD5174 attached. In this form, this circuit does not work: the output…

  • LTC3780 lifecycle

    Hi, I want to double check that if LTC3780 lifecycle status, our new design will be released in 2022, and lifecyle is 8 years, is LTC3780 capable of supporting on this?

  • LTC3780输入过流


  • LTC3780 erratic operation

      I'm using a LTC3780 as a buck/boost 5V regulator.  I'm having some problems with the regulator doing some odd things if the input voltage is above approx 18V and the load on the device is increased

      The images show the high side FET drive (blue…

  • LTC3780烧了是什么现象


  • LTC3780 as a current source for driving LED


    I am trying to utilize LTC3780 as a current source for the LED (2V x 5A). Unfortunately, at the startup I see a huge voltage and current spike (attached), which blows up the LED instantly. Is there any way to adjust slow startup (SS pin) feature to…

  • How to calculate LTC3780, LTC3789 Ith Pin filter?


    Could someone be so kind as to explain how the RC filter is derived for the Ith Pin?  One example shows an 8k and 2200pF, and another example has a 15k and a 10nF.  Then a third example has a 68k and 3300pf.  The datasheet explains it is a current…

  • 请教,ltc3780,接阻性负载可以实现恒流输出,输出接锂电池,则恒流功能失效。





  • RE: Want proper part with design

    Hi Yogesh 

    Please download LTpowerCAD and  LTpowerCAD file for LT3780. After downloading the files, run the program and input your parameters to get the suggested ref design and parts.




    One of 4 mosfets always opened in BUCK, other in BOOST. You may use Buck-Boost controller with external mosfets like LTC3780 to control it state. Also you may compare input and output voltage: if Vin>Vout - Buck else - Boost.