• LTC3779 power limit


    What limits the power output to ~500w in the LTC3779?

    Could the power be increased using a single controller?


  • LTC3779 OV shut down


    I am using the LTC3779 in a high input voltage requirement of up to 145V. I would like to use the OV lock out feature to power down the part if the Vin exceeds 145V. Would there be any damage to the device if Vin exceeds 150V? The part will not turn…

  • LTC3779使用问题

    做到是一个可调升降压  ,输出电流电压都是可调的4-100A,做试验时输出电流大于一定值时电感出现异响,输出电流波动0.1-0.8A ;输出电流小于特定值时电感无异响,输出电流波动0.01A左右,采样电阻为0.5MR。当电感持续异响时间过长输入mos会烧毁,尝试使用电压隔离模块,mos烧毁现象基本不出现了,但还是会有异响。实在找不出什么原因了

  • Inconsistency with data sheet and spice model - LTC3779

    Data sheet specifies the pins of IAVGSNSP and IAVGSNSN source 10-15uA when the common mode voltage is approximately. 4V. Data sheet also specifies that the bias current decreases to approximately -300uA when common mode is 0V. This disagrees with the…
  • RE: LTC3779


    The multiphase operation is possible in theory but we don't have a reference design. Two chips can current share by connecting VFB pins together and ITH pins together. However, the LTC3779 was not designed for current sharing and current share error…

  • LTC3779 Minimum Operating Temperature


    I am planning to use LTC3779 in -55C environment. I do not expect 3779 to operate below -40C. However I need to know what happens below -40C, while 3779 is supplied and there is voltage at ic pins. If I shutdown 3779 by pulling down "run" pin, at…

  • LTC3779 and DC2456: how to change Si MOSFET to GaN HEMT?

    In demo board DC2456, all switches are Si MOSFET and the driving voltage is about 10V. If I want to change Si MOSFET to GaN HEMT, which part of the demo board should be modified? In other words, how to change the driving voltage in demo board DC2456 or…

  • LTC3779 and DC2456: how to change the feedback to current loop

    I want to use the LTC3779 and modifiy its demo board DC2456 to change the feed backloop to current loop. The original voltage feedback resistor is not used. Instead, a low resistor for current sensing is added between the load and the ground. In this…

  • DC2456A (Demo board of LTC3779)设计文件打不开




  • Project of DC2456A (Demo board of LTC3779) in your website cannot be opened

    Dear sir,

    I down load the design files of the DC2456A from https://www.analog.com/media/en/evaluation-documentation/evaluation-design-files/DC2456A.zip

    The .asc file cannot be opened with error below. Could you please send me the right design file? And…