• LTC3777 DRVCC Question


    I would like to use LTC3777 controller for a 5VDC to 150VDC input and output of 12VDC/10A power supply. According to the datasheet, DRVCC voltage can be set from 6V to 10V in 1V increments with DRVSET pin .

    Q1: When EXTVCC is not used (tied to ground…

  • LTC3777 Part Number Question

    Quick question on the LTC3777 -- I see an 'I' and 'E' grade listed in the datasheet, but was not immediately able to find the difference between them.

    Is this something where after the part was initially released, it turns out all the…

  • LTC3777 Component Selection Question

    Hello, I'm designing in the LTC3777 in a new application and am looking for info on selecting D1 and D2 shown in the diagrams.  The datasheet doesn't specify what level of current they will need to handle and the eval board schematics show them as…

  • LTC3777 High Side gate driver dimensioning


    For a Buck/Boost application using LCT3777 with Vin from 20 to 120V at 200kHz, I'm facing failures of the pull down internal gate driver mosfet at the high side.

    What is the maximum charge (in nano coulomb) that can be withstand by the pull…

  • LTC3777 keep failing


    I had tested LTC3777 eval board with input up to 100V with Vout = 24v, 4A. The eval board work with no problem hence i move to prototype board with the "copy" design. I just receive the prototype board and upon load test for 200mA, the IC(LTC3777)…

  • LTC3777 vout rises with Vin

    Hi there,

    I'm encountering some issue with LTC3777 in my design.

    1. Hissing or switching edible noise when turn on the device
    2. Vout is set to 24V but the output continue to rise together with the Vin.


    Test condition are as below

    1. Vin is 21V
      1. Vout will…
  • DC/DC CONVERTER with LTC3777

    Hi, I'm Max from GBXPOINT SRL Italy

    I built a power supply (with the LTC3777 chip) with 24V input 48V output (I attach diagram) When I turn it on for the first time without load I have an
    output voltage of exactly 48V. So everything Ok. Then I connect…

  • LTC3777 audible hissing sound

    DC2519A circuit was copied into prototype. There is a audible hissing sound. Could anyone advise what could have went wrong?

    Vin=100V, Vout=24V@4A load test for 200mA.

  • LTC3777 maximum gate charge of Internal MOSFETs

    Hi there,

    Could i check with you the maximum acceptable gate charge of internal MOSFETs for LTC3777?

  • LTC3777 for High Power Application

    I would like to use the LTC3777 in an application that requires a load current higher than 10A at 28Vdc. (Would like to go as high as 40A) Can it be used in higher power applications?