• LTC3769 as a SEPIC converter


    we have found that the Fig.13 in LTC3769 DS has a possible mistake: INTVCC is tied to BG (MOSFET gate) and it makes the MOSFET open when INTVCC is present. Is it correct that the connection of INTVCC and BG pins should be simply cut and then the SEPIC…

  • LTC3769 start-up problems

    Dear EngineerZone-team,

    I have built a small board to evaluate the LTC3769 as a synchronous 12V to 60V boost converter. My circuit seems to have problems starting up - it stays in a hiccup mode with a re-try period of about 200ms. I have attached my schematics…

  • LTC3769 Synchronous SEPIC configuration


    I am using LTC3769 controller for my synchronous SEPIC project. I have done full calculation and simulation for this configuration. And it works for simulation. However, when I am doing bench testing, Vds of synchronous MOSFET voltage rise quiet slowly…

  • About LTC3769 typical application schematic


    good day!

    I have a question of PIN CONFIGURATION in the LTC3760 datasheet, at page 32 -Figure 14. High Efficiency 48V/2.5A Boost Converter

    What does this pin (PGND) mean? 

    I see the EVB schematic has SGND and PGND in QFN package.

    What pin are SGND…

  • LTC3769 is applied in the circuit with 18V input boost and 31V output. It cannot output 100W at -40 degrees, but can reach 100W at -20 degrees.

    LTC3769 is applied in the circuit with 18V input boost and 31V output. It cannot output 100W at -40 degrees, but can reach 100W at -20 degrees. What parameters and peripherals are related to the low low-temperature output power of the circuit IC?Is there…

  • RE: What's the date code of LTC3769HUF

    Hi Gloria,

    The date code in the picture of the LTC3769 top mark is the “3L”.

    3L means Dec 2013 as defined below.


    -Paul Kern

  • RE: LTC3703 in boost mode

    Hello Gyuji,

    I would suggest using a more modern part like the LTC3786 or LTC3769. These types are easier to configure for your application.

    kind regards


  • RE: 50V 2.5A Output Boost Regulators?


    when powered with LiIon battery your app asks for an awful lot of current (125W Pout). This will demand for a current from the source in the range of 40A. In this input voltage range we have some non synchronous boost converter like LT3757A, but…

  • LTC4266 schematic check

    Hi ADI expert

    I use LTC4266 to design a 4 port POE IPC

    May I have your help to check my schematic as attachment

    I didn't generate -54V from a isolated power supply but simply generated it from my 12V power source with LTC's boost LTC3769

    so I 

  • RE: DC2173A LTpowerCad missing load transient chart

    The load step will be added later to LTC3769 model. At this stage please export your design file from the LTpowerCAD  to LTspice (the red button on the tool bar) and simulate desired load step in LTspice environment. If youy have future questions please…