• LTC3722-1

    can LTC3722-1 can be used for designing 6000W,200A isolated power supply

  • LTC3722-1 based PSFB converter has unstable behavior

    Hi, we are working on a 2.5kW PSFB converter based on LTC3722-1. The input and output parameters are as follows Vin = 390V, Vout = 84V, Iout = 30A.

    Currently as a test setup we are providing the converter with an input of 100V with current limit. The…

  • RE: LTC3722 LTspice

    The reverse  voltage expected on the SR mosfets is (390/3)*2 = 260V exclusive of resonant ringing (*2 for the CT secondary). Resonant ringing would double that to 520V. When rectification in the body diodes occurs, additional energy is added to the parasitic…

  • LTC3722 & LTC3901 : Synchronous rectification not working correctly

    I am planning to design a 2.5kW (84V 30A) PSFB converter (offline with Vin = 390V) for a battery charging solution. I have somewhat understood the ways by which this topology achieves ZVS and the significance of Leakage/shim inductance, Mosfet Coss…

  • LTC3722芯片做移相全桥架构使用的方法

    • 输入前面是PFC的370-390VDC,输出15V140A功率2000W的隔离电源,求教ADI官方技术支持,问题1:是否可以使用两个变压器,输入初级串联,输出次级并联,还是初级并联次级串联比较合适?2:引脚9和11脚的问题, PDLY (Pin 9/Pin 9): Passive Leg Delay Circuit Input. PDLY
      is connected through a voltage divider to the left leg of
      the bridge in adaptive…
  • Using LTC3722-2 to phase shift resonant a high voltage resonant converter


    I am having an issue getting the LTC3722-2 fixed frequency phase shift regulator to control my high voltage power supply. The topology is two half-bridge LCC converters each feeding a transformer, and I plan to phase-shift one of the legs with…

  • LTC3722

    On the last page of he datasheet there is a 200k resistor from 5v ref to pin 3 CS.  Can you tell me what it is for?

  • RE: LTC3722-1 : Question on adaptive ZVS

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • Phase shift full bridge


    I am looking at PSFB controller solution for 2KW (48Vdc to 600Vdc, step-up).

    If there is a solution with bidirectional support I am happy (or) I need boost implementation.

    Input voltage: 48Vdc

    Output voltage: 600Vdc

    Output power: 2KW

    Some of the controllers…

  • Can the full-bridge be paralleled?

    I am designing a full-bridge control. 12v/50a.  It's looking like current mode control with a current doubler circuit.  My client asked if these bridges could be paralleled. I am looking at the LTC1922 & LTC3722 parts. Any input would be helpful.…