• Pspice Model LTC3703

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for the pspice model of the controller LTC3703 I am currently working with.

    Do you know where to find it ?

    Guillaume Bazin

  • ltc3703 current limit


    I have a problem with the current limit function of the device.

    I disabled the function but the IC still limit the current while the voltage at the RUN/SS-Pin is reduced.

    I only have a load current of 0,5A@24V output voltage.

    I didn't understand…

  • LTC3703 in boost mode

    I am trying to use the LTC3703 in boost mode to create 24V from 12V SLA batteries.  I have copied the example circuit on page 34 of the LTC3703 datasheet and am using the suggested inductor and mosfets.  The circuit draws a lot of current (around 800mA…

  • Not stable switching LTC3703 step-down, misfiring

    I designed step-down synchronous converter based on typical application of LTC3703 (it's a student project). I experience some repeatable misbehavior in switching waveforms :<

    My converter runs from 4,5 [V] to 30 [V] supply @ 455 [kHz], pulse skip…

  • 请教 LTC3703 在输出24V时,如何解决DRVcc和VCC?


  • 请问当使用LTC3703设计24v输出时,如何便捷地给DRVcc和VCC提供12~15V供电呢?


  • RE: LTC4000 and DC/DC

    Hi David 

    Thanks a lot .

    I see. LTC3703 ErrAmp is voltage amp.

    ILTC4000 will be interfaced to control through the FB pin(LTC3703).

    I have more question about

    The ITH output of the LTC4000 should be connected through an inverting buffer, and a resistor…

  • LTC4000 and DC/DC sequence


    In LTC4000 + LTC3703 start up and reset condition

    I think below sequence is good.

    Power supply:LTC4000  > LTC3703 

    EN:LTC3703 RUN_EN > LTC4000 ENC_EN

    Because Battery have supply path in LTC4000 disable.(Bgate's Pch is on.)


    Are these  consideration…

  • RE: 请推荐DC-DC芯片,要求输入100V以内,输出24V15A以上,非隔离芯片

    您可以看一下LTC的,高壓輸入可達100V,若做Buck 輸出要24V 15A 的話,可以看一下LTC3703。

  • RE: LTC4000

    Hello HOD,

    5V to 60V is a very wide VIN range. What is the source? Is the plan to run the LTC3703 as a boost and a buck?

    What is ment by "* In regard to the system, regardless of step-up / step-down / step-up / step-down" ?

    The 4000 can be…