• PGOOD output timing of LTC3644



    In the graph "Start-Up Operation" on page 6 of the LTC3644 datasheet, PGOOD goes High 2.5ms after Vout rises.

    However, page 9 states that the PGOOD output goes high immediately after achieving regulation

    The PGOOD output timing on this…

  • RE: LTM4657 IY vs EY

    OK, I found the answer on the Datasheet.  The LTC3644 Datasheet has the same information: : "The LTC3644/LTC3644-2 is tested under pulsed load conditions such that TJ ≈ TA. The LTC3644E is guaranteed to meet specified performance from 0°C to 85°C. Specifications…

  • RE: LT3507 Input range


    even if LT3507 can do the job (which I have not evaluated completely) our newer parts are better in terms of  efficiency, solution size and Vin requirements:





    What I cannot judge on right now is the current availability…