• Bad battery indicate of LTC3558


    I'm using LTC3558 on my project. Sometimes, I have confirmed bad battery indicate on CHRG pin within 10min.

    According to the datasheet, In case of bad battery, LTC3558 is indicated more than 30min later.

    Could you teach me why CHRG pin indicate…

  • LTC3558 - Type III Compensation


    We were using the LTC3558 earlier to generate 1.8V and 3.3V. The 3.3V is from VOUT2 with all the resistor and capacitors as specified in the data sheet.

    Now, we changed the circuit to generate 5V from VOUT2 and have a different circuit for the…

  • RE: LTC3558 Type III compensation for 5V

    Looks like all of the messy math does not include Rfb. So if you use the example and just adjust Rfb, all other component can remain the same.

  • LTC3558按照数据手册中典型应用设计输出电压低


  • Not use buck regulator of LTC3558


    When not using the buck regulator of LTC3558, no problem to connect these related pins as follows?

    PNIN1=SW1=FB1=EN1="L" (=GND)



  • LTC3558 has the same output with OUT1,OUT2,BATTERY

    I have make a PCB from datesheet. but the chip can't output a correct value with programing,FB1 with the voltage of 0V,and FB2 is 3.6V, my input voltage is 5.17V,

    please could help mo how can i do to found problem whit my engineering

  • LTC3558基准电源不准



  • 請問LTC3558-1效率量測是如何量測的?power factor是否有量測數據?多少數值才是合理範圍

    請問LTC3558-1規格書內(3.3V/100uA)的效率量測是如何量測的?power factor是否有量測數據?多少數值才是合理範圍

  • LIPO Power Management


    Facing issues with LIPO battery charging while using LTC3558.
    Battery fault occurs while charging a good battery which was discharged (below 2.5V).

    Would like to know Is it possible to

    1. Increase the charge current ,in LTC3558, to a higher…

  • Alternative to ADP5360

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently designing a prototype with the nRF9160 chip and a 3,7V battery.

    The development board, which I use as a reference, uses the ADP5360 for battery and power management.

    The problem is that the ADP5360 only comes in a tiny 32…