• Designing using LTC3440 - where do I start?

    I'm trying to design a circuit using the LTC3440 that can output 3V 36mA.I don't know how to set the values of the components and the datasheet isn't making it very clear how I should go about doing this. Can someone explain the design process?…

  • Daisy Chained LTC3440s ...

    I have two PCBs that are independent of each other, but both being integrated into the same product. One PCB is designed to have a Li-Ion battery connected to it, and the battery is connected directly to an LTC3440, which supplies 3.3V to the rest of…

  • RE: Issue in LTC3440 working IC


    The part has reference voltage tolerance of around 2% i.e. it can range between 1.196V to 1.244V with 1.22V as typical reference value. You might have to use a precision LDO after the output of LTC3440 in order to get a precise value. Else you might…

  • Issue in LTC3440 working IC


    In my project i have used 2000 mAh lithium ion battery. the battery input is applied to LTC 3440 input and output voltage of LTC 3440 is 3.64V DC.

    i have put 396K in place of 340K resistor to get Vout as 3.64VDC.

    by using formula Vout= (1+R1/R2)*1…

  • LTC3440 output behaviour if VFB is not achieved

    Hi All,

    I'm designing a buck-boost converter wich will have a variable output voltage.

    The command on feedback pin will be donne by an OpAmp in order to adjust output voltage from 2.5V to 5.5V.

    This amp takes obviously the output Voltage on its input…

  • Question about LTC3440


    Does Vin or/and SW1 pin of LTC3440 have any latch-up protection circuit inside?


    A couple of LTC3440s became excessively hot during operation. These packages temp became about 80 degC,but other normal ones are about 30 deg C.

    Besides, one (1) LTC3440…

  • Temperature rising using the LTC3440


    i am using the LTC3440 to convert the voltage from a LiPo Battery into a stable 3.3V. As you can see in my schematic, i am the following the datasheet. My circuit is drawing 300mA in worst case.

    I did some tests with 300mA Load and the outputs…

  • LTC3440 Schottky Diode



    I have a couple of questions about schottly diode requirements of LTC3440.

    Please take a look at the attached my questions and take care of this case.



  • LTC3440 - DC797A Vc pin


    I am currently studying LTC3440 and have some doubts for Vc pin application.

    Notice DC797A demoboard circuit Vc pin is connected to another resistor divider R7 and R8.

    Might I know what is the application for this divider circuit? I search most…

  • RE: LTC3440EDD failure

    Hi Blender, 

    Have you checked the temperature of the LTC3440 while operating at 3.3V, 50mA? As per the datasheet, it is only rated up to 85degC. 

    Also, kindly check the evaluation board of the LTC3440. You will see TVS diodes on the input and the switch…