• RE: Script file of ADV7611 for 24bit SDR 4:2:2 Mode 2 output


      Could you please try with below AV code registers & look for the AV Code Block section in the ADV7611 Reference manual(Page 110). It details the controls that let insert those codes.

        2. AV_POS_SEL
        3. AV_INV_V:
        4. AV_INV_…

  • Difference between the ADA4661-2 and ADA4666-2

    What is the major difference between the ADA4661-2 and ADA4666-2?


    The ADA4661-2 is designed to have a lower offset voltage (correspondingly,
    higher common mode rejection) than the ADA4666-2. The ADA4661-2 uses Analog
    Devices Inc. patented DigiTrim…

  • Output drive current for ADA4661-2 and ADA4666-2


    How high of an output current can the ADA4661-2 and ADA4666-2 drive?


    The ADA4661-2 and ADA4666-2 are capable of driving output currents up to 30 mA with only 1V of dropout voltage. However, the usable output load current drive is limited to the…

  • ADA4898-2: Differential voltage for the unpowered ADA4898-2

    Does the ADA4898-2 have back to back protection diodes at the input?
    I'm afraid that without these diodes we may surpass the +-1.5v differential
    mode input voltage at the absolute maximum ratings in an unpowered state.


    The 4898…
  • ADA4897-1, ADA4897-2, ADA4896-2 Maximum Operating Voltage Range

    Will the ADA4897-1 run off a single +5V or +12V Supply Range ?


    On pages 4-5 of the data sheet you will find the operating parameters for +5V
    supply range. According to the data sheets, the ADA4897 has a normal operating
    voltage range…
  • AD9176 Mode 2


    I am trying to use the AD9176 + ZCU102 reference project but I want to use all 3 channels per DAC, so I changed the mode in config.tcl from the default of 04 to 02. Mode 4 works fine but mode 2 errors out when building the block design. I have…

  • LT4256-2 Uvlo Behavior

    Hi Ez Team,

    I have a question about LT4256-2 VCC and UV pin UVLO behavior. I have two circuit which I shared you in attachment. In 4256-2_external_uv.asc the UV directly driven with 5V external supply. Other circuit UV pin is directly driven with bus…

  • LTC6803G-2 Failure Modes?

    I am trying to repair a BMS board for a production vehicle which strangely uses two LTC6803G chips on each BMS board monitoring only ten cells. 

    There are 4 CAN connected BMS boards in total containing 8 LTC chips for 40 cells in total. 

    The two problem boards…

  • Photodiode circuit using ADA4817-2

    Hi, I'm trying to build a simple photodiode receiving circuit using a photodiode and the ADA4817-2. I created a circuit using the photodiode circuit simulator by Analog Devices, as seen circuit below. When I flash a light on the photodiode, I see I…

  • LTC6957-2

    Hi Team,

    I had customer looking for 1:2 LVDS fanout buffer IC. Propose LTC6957-2.
    However, the LVDS signal voltage and IC supply voltage is 5V. I checked LTC6957 datasheet and notice it's up to 3.3V only.

    Do you have any recommendation for 5V, 1:2…