• ADP2108AUJZ-1.5 outputs 1.0V


    I have DC/DC converter ADP2108AUJZ-1.5. This chip mast out 1.5V. Bat on PCB I see 1.0V! Load is resistor 1 kOhm or "no load". Chip has marking "LAA" - this marking for 1.5V. I check 3 chips - all outs 1.0V! Why?

  • Software ver 1.5 of EVAL-AD5933EBZ


    I purchased EVAL-AD5933EBZ and received a CD containing Evaluation Software ver 1.4. But, it's titled as Beta REV 1.0.

    I downloaded version 1.5 of your website, and I installed it. However, it is also titled as Beta REV 1.0.

    Would you like to…

  • LT1464AEFE-1.5#PBF & LT3013MPFE#PBF part marking

    Hi friends,

    Look pls at the LT1464AEFE-1.5#PBF

    Can the first symbol of the batch number be the "B"?

    I have always had the parts with the "N" - first symbol.

    Is it all right?

    Best regards and thank U


  • RE: 1.5-30MHz power detector: AD8363 or AD8362

    ADL5904 has better temperature stability than AD8363 or AD8362.  At 30MHz with input power = 10dBm, the threshold variation over temperatures is about 0.2dB.

  • ADP2108UJ-1.5-EVALZ1 Gerber files and Schematic needed.


    Is it possible to supply me with the gerber files and schematic for eval-board ADP2108UJ-1.5-EVALZ1 please?

    And is there any PCB design guidance for the eval-board?



  • RE: ADP7116 : junction temperature

    The ADP7118 board is 1.5" x 1.5" ( inch) 2 layer. 1oz finished copper

  • RE: AD538 Reciprocal of Square


    The value of m could also be some noninteger power such as 1.5.

    Refer also to Figure 16 formula to determine the resistor value of RA for power greater than one.

    Ex. when M=1.5, RA = 196/(1.5 - 1) = 392ohms.

  • RE: Looking a simple AD-chip for 90-degrees phase shifter

    Okay, let's try:

    1. input 3-30 MHz (or 3-60MHz), sine

    2. output 1.5-15MHz (or 1.5-30 MHz), square

    There is such a simple and inexpensive chip?

  • RE: Factor of 7.5 in Table 548


    The 1.5 factor is inherent in the result and does not have to be included. Also, YRES and YQ has a 1.5 factor and if you divide the two, it will just cancel out.


  • RE: can we change the loop filter band width of HMC833? if yes how?

    The fundamental frequency range of the VCO on the HMC833 is 1.5 to 3GHz.  This is the frequency range that the PLL will see.  When outputting frequencies below 1.5GHz dividers are engaged at the output of the VCO, so the internal VCO frequency (which is…