• LTC3251-1.2 Connection Doubt


    I am carrying out an own design that embeds the LTC3251-1.2 device.

    As I can see in the datasheet, both MD0 and MD1 are able to configure the operation mode of the device, in the attached figure named "LTC3251-1.2_connection" you can see…

  • ADM7170 - Vout 1.2 V


    I'm planning to use the ADM7170 as 1.2 V voltage source. According to the datasheet ordering guide table (page 23/23), the adjustable models (ADM7170ACPZ-R7 & ADM7170ACPZ-R2) are listed with an output voltage of 1.2 V.

    As stated on page 16…

  • date code for LTC3406BES5-1.2#TRMPBF

    please decode the date code for the following part


  • ADP151AUJZ-1.2-R7 Part code information.

    Can't to read part code ADP151AUJZ-1.2-R7.

    #ON what does it mean?

  • FAQ: HMC936A Operation Below 1.2 GHz

    Q: Can HMC936A operate below the specified frequency range?

  • ALICE 1.2, dc meter-source 1.3 crashes

    I installed the executable ALICE 1.2 software on a Windows 10 64 bit machine. All of the tools work fine EXCEPT the dc meter-source 1.3 tool. When I open it and click the RUN dot box, the app window fades a little and then the (not responding) message…

  • HDMI 1.2 Tx detection issues on I2c bus

    Low power HDMI  1.2  Compliant AD9889B Tx configured as slave (default) not detected by the I2c bus interfaced to McASP0 .

  • ADP5071 2 A/1.2 A How to achieve

    hi,I use Input power 5V4A,want to get ±6V,1.5A,but I use ADP507x_DesignerTools,Remind me the maximum current is 1.25and.37,What am i doing wrong?

  • AD6688 Data Capture in 1.2 GHz BW Mode

    I am capturing data using the AD6688 Eval Board and ACE software with the following  settings :

    NCO frequency set to 1 GHz 

     I apply 4.1 GHz , 10 dBm tone signal. Against my expectation the  the signal has a component at the image frequency (- 100 MHz).  Following…

  • latest source code release of the ALICE 1.2 desktop

    Hello again,

    The wiki-page with the ALICE User’s Guide https://wiki.analog.com/university/tools/m1k/alice/desk-top-users-guide points for the latest source code release of the ALICE 1.2 desktop tool to  https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/alice/releases…