• ADM7170 - Vout 1.2 V


    I'm planning to use the ADM7170 as 1.2 V voltage source. According to the datasheet ordering guide table (page 23/23), the adjustable models (ADM7170ACPZ-R7 & ADM7170ACPZ-R2) are listed with an output voltage of 1.2 V.

    As stated on page 16…

  • date code for LTC3406BES5-1.2#TRMPBF

    please decode the date code for the following part


  • RE: Gain/Reading error

    Here my code :

    fADC0RESULT = ADC0DAT * 1.2/268435455;

    uiDACdata = fADC0RESULT / (1.2 / 4095.0);

    DACDAT = uiDACdata << 16;

  • AD6688 Data Capture in 1.2 GHz BW Mode

    I am capturing data using the AD6688 Eval Board and ACE software with the following  settings :

    NCO frequency set to 1 GHz 

     I apply 4.1 GHz , 10 dBm tone signal. Against my expectation the  the signal has a component at the image frequency (- 100 MHz).  Following…

  • Sleep command in UBOOT 1.2 for SC589 EZ KIT.

    Just want to confirm the following behavior:

    If I type sleep 20 in U-boot, it actually 40 seconds..


  • RE: ADP151AUJZ-1.2-R7 Part code information.

    Hi P.konstantinov,

    #- means the part is lead free and QN refers to the date code which means that the part produced sometime on April to May 2017.



  • latest source code release of the ALICE 1.2 desktop

    Hello again,

    The wiki-page with the ALICE User’s Guide https://wiki.analog.com/university/tools/m1k/alice/desk-top-users-guide points for the latest source code release of the ALICE 1.2 desktop tool to  https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/alice/releases…

  • s2p  file for HMC921LP4E reference at 1-1.2 GHz.


    I am working on a new design and need s2p file for HMC921LP4E Power amplifier. I am looking at 1-1.2 GHz  frequency range, need s2p parameter for simulation purpose. I would appreciate if someone can help, need it quite urgently. Thanks in advance…

  • HDMI 1.2 Tx detection issues on I2c bus

    Low power HDMI  1.2  Compliant AD9889B Tx configured as slave (default) not detected by the I2c bus interfaced to McASP0 .

  • Chip Revision identification

    I receved TigerSharc chip:

    0528 CANADA

    Could you tell me what silicon revision this is?


    The device you have is silicon revision 1.2, which can be read from the string: