• LT1585ACM-1.5 Review


    I see that LT1585ACM-1.5 part TAB pin is mentioned as OUTPUT in the datasheet, I have shorted the output and TAB pin in the schematic. kindly let us know any changes to be done.

    Thank you,

    Abhishek K A

  • ADP2108AUJZ-1.5 outputs 1.0V


    I have DC/DC converter ADP2108AUJZ-1.5. This chip mast out 1.5V. Bat on PCB I see 1.0V! Load is resistor 1 kOhm or "no load". Chip has marking "LAA" - this marking for 1.5V. I check 3 chips - all outs 1.0V! Why?

  • Software ver 1.5 of EVAL-AD5933EBZ


    I purchased EVAL-AD5933EBZ and received a CD containing Evaluation Software ver 1.4. But, it's titled as Beta REV 1.0.

    I downloaded version 1.5 of your website, and I installed it. However, it is also titled as Beta REV 1.0.

    Would you like to…

  • LT1464AEFE-1.5#PBF & LT3013MPFE#PBF part marking

    Hi friends,

    Look pls at the LT1464AEFE-1.5#PBF

    Can the first symbol of the batch number be the "B"?

    I have always had the parts with the "N" - first symbol.

    Is it all right?

    Best regards and thank U


  • 1.5-30MHz power detector: AD8363 or AD8362

    Input signal is CW, i need to design a rms power detector with 15dB dinamics, but i can't tolerate high temperature drifts. Is it better to use AD8363 or AD8362, or even the simpler ADL5904?

    Thank you

  • ADP2108UJ-1.5-EVALZ1 Gerber files and Schematic needed.


    Is it possible to supply me with the gerber files and schematic for eval-board ADP2108UJ-1.5-EVALZ1 please?

    And is there any PCB design guidance for the eval-board?



  • ADSI  16210 1.5 meter cable 3M P/N 3625/16

    I need to test the ADSI 16210 int the full temperature range -40 to 125C so the cable 3M P/N 3625/16 operation range is 105C and the controller board operation range is 85C so i need to know can i have a flat cable 3M P/N 3625/16 with 1.5meter and if it…

  • how to generate 1.5-30MHz with 1 MHa step size using adf4360-9?

    how to generate 1.5-30MHz with 1 MHa step size using adf4360-9?


    L1 and L2 values to cover band.

  • Want to Design Hardware with USB & battery operated with Current Capacity of 1.5-3A

    AD Support Team,

    I want to make Design with USB & Battery (4XAA alkaline) Operated.

    Design will work on USB when Battery available.

    Design will work with battery only when USB supply is absent.

    supply need to be switched automatically so design will get…

  • LT3751是否能做700v/10000UF电解充电,充电时间1.5s