• LTC3429的SHDN为低电平时能有0V输出吗?







  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I had tried the "-no-auto-attrs" with no improvement. The same error reappears elsewhere if I delete the source file causing the problem. It also occurs in the standard "BF609_init" project, so I have attached those files. The…

  • AD7656BSTZ-1 Popping problem

    Our company had been using AD7656BSTZ-1 for years and there was not any problems until June 2019 when the first popping problem happened, what’s worse, another three cases came out one by one from July 2019 to January 2020, and the popping problem could…

  • LTC3108-1


    We are working on PoC based on LTC3108-1. We wish add a LED for visual monitoring, LTC3108 is not able to supply a suffisient current to drive the LED.

    Could we use C2 input for drive an external Mosfet (low Qg) ?



  • ADA4940-1 and AD7982 connection


    In ADC and driver simulation tool, there is only one option "INVERT" for ADA4940-1 connecting to AD7982. I don't want my ADC reading reverse. Can I cross connection, which means  ADA4940-1 Out+ connecting to AD7982 In-, while ADA4940-1…

  • ADA4432-1 video switch

    Hello everyone.

    Is it possible to use ADA4432-1 video amplifier in video switch configuration using enable pin, in other words does disabling the device makes output high-impedance? I used this configuration with ADA4830-2, and it works perfectly, but…

  • RE: ltc2159i+ada4932-1



  • LT1534-1 Subharmonic Pulse

    I have built a 5V to 27.5V boost converter using the LT1534-1 DC/DC controller chip and observe (and hear!) the following waveform at the switch node "COL":

    I cannot replicate this waveform in LTSpice under varying load conditions, even when…

  • LTC6813-1 DCC0

    Hi, I am taking evaluation test on the LTC6813-1 demo board, but I do not understand why DCC0 is used for GPIO9? If I want to use GPIO9 as a digital output pin, should I control it through DCC0 or GPIO9 bit?

  • LTC3882-1 issue


    I ran into an issue using LTC3882-1 in our custom design. We are using LTC3882-1 together with UCD7242 to generate 1.0V core Vdd for LS1046A processor. Only channel 0 of LTC3882-1 is used, channel 1 was set to be off. I am trying to figure out…