• LTC3376


  • LTC3376 VOUT have problems

    when i use ltc3376,i find vcc1v0 working good at first,latly going wrong,and another voltage was working incorrectly influenced by vcc1v0's power good singal.

    i want to know why the vcc1v0 goes wrong,Please reply as soon as possible

  • LTC3376 Vin is 12V,can Vout be 1.1V?

    I'm planning to use the power supply LTC3376.Can you tell me if the Vin is 12V,can the Vout be as low as 1.1V?

  • LTC3376 in continuous mode

    Hello there,

    I'm looking to use the LTC3376 in a bi-directional TEC driver. When running in 'forced continuous mode' can I expect one of LTC3376 outputs to sink the TEC current generated by different LTC3376 output where each output is drvien differentially…

  • LTC3376 Tj


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. I try to recommend LTC3376 to the customer. I'd like to know the difference between Tj and Die temperature. If the power dissipation each channel would be 1W in other words total power dissipation as 4W, could Tj at Ta=60de…

  • The Tale of the Creeping Features

    Okay, so though the title might make this sound like a Steven King story, rest assured there are no buckets of blood or homicidal clowns lurking about. Yet the words “Feature Creep” can ruin a perfectly good day for power supply designers of electronic…

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