• LTC3351 without Vin

    Hi there,

    I'm working with the DC2464A-B (with the LTC3351) demo board and Linduino DC2026.

    It's working fine: with the PC GUI V1.2.9.0 I can access to all registers and they are updated continuously with the "AutoUpdateEnabled" button.…

  • LTC3351 Charging Problem


    I'm using the LTC3351 in a product for backup power in case of power failure.

    I'm using 4 x 70F supercapacitors for the backups power.

    My design is based on the evaluation board with soms alternations.

    Input: 18 - 25 V, Max. 5 A.


  • LTC3351 Shutdown

    I would like to disable the LTC3351 (keep downstream power off) when temperature extremes are exceeded.  In previous designs that used the LT4363 (instead of the LTC3351) we drove the the SHDN# pin with the OT and UT outputs of a LTC2996 Temperature Sensor…

  • LTC3351-Dimensioning problem


    i have decided to use the LTC3351 Controller for my design and i am currently working on the HW Debugging because the device does not respond at all. 
    There are some cases in the datasheet regarding the application, depending always on the ratio between…

  • LTC3351 Hotswap Issue

    Since still can not solve the mos damage issue. (Maybe it's about SOA, Ct)

    Could I have a 24Vin and 24Vout at least 4A for 4 supercap 10V(2.5V*4) charger reference design?

    It's an application with Embedded PC.

    When the input 24V rise up.


  • LTC3351 Design Spreadsheet

    I was hoping to find a spreadsheet or LTpowerCAD file to help design a LTC3351 based circuit.  I was able to find and download the LT3350BackupCalculator_R1.xlsx but was hoping for more.  Are there any other resources available?   

    Thanks for the help.


  • LTC3351 Backup Controller


    We have encountered a issue with charger operation.

    Hi Lo side sw waveform is not stable.

    IC damage with a series test (Power off and on) and we found SRC(pin 39) resistance error.

    Maybe it's layout issue and gate on HS_Gate is not stable remain ON…

  • LTC3351 no/low Output


    we are using the LTC3351. The problem we are having is as follows.

    We have input Power of 13,8V going to the device. The problem is that all outputs are eather way to low or not existent. SCL for example is showing that the CPU is trying to get…

  • LTC3351 Backup Maximum Power


    We have a program need a 24V/300W/20s backup application for IPC (24VIN, backup for a card 1080TI+System maybe).

    According to LT3350 BackupCalculator_R1,

    400F 4S3P get around 20s while boost peak current is 58A. (58mV/1mR)

    But I found the maximum…

  • RE: LTC3350 and LTC3351

    Both the LTC3350 and LTC3351 have a buck charger and backup boost controller. The system voltage when in charge mode is the same as the input voltage.

    The biggest difference between the LTC3350 and the LTC3351 is that the LTC3350 has an ideal diode front…