• RE: LTC3351 no/low Output

    Yes it was the ground layout. Created a star ground layer and more closely followed the datasheet recommendations resolved the issue

  • Howswap FET in LTC3351 damaged in short circuit test

    We use the reference design "12V Backup Controller with Reverse Input Protection" in LTC3351's datasheet, however, we found the hotswap FET will always be damaged during short circuit tests (no matter whether short circuit "before" turning on or not)…

  • LTC3351 without Vin

    Hi there,

    I'm working with the DC2464A-B (with the LTC3351) demo board and Linduino DC2026.

    It's working fine: with the PC GUI V1.2.9.0 I can access to all registers and they are updated continuously with the "AutoUpdateEnabled" button.…

  • LTC3351 I2c communications without power

    hi there,

    I'm working with yours LTC3351E on the DC2464A-B evaluation board.

    It's working fine, but I lost the I2C communications (trough the Linduino) WHEN I unplug the Vin power on the DC2464A-B board. The JP1 is set to INTVCC. So seems normal to…

  • Capacitance Measurement Issue on LTC3351

    Hi ADI Team,


    We have designed power supply board using LTC3351EUFF#PBF IC with below specification (Around same as DC2464A – A EVM):

    Input Supply Voltage : 12V

    Back up Voltage : 6V

    Super Cap count: 3 (25F, 3V Each, Part# SCCU25E256SRB)

    RSNSH1 …

  • LTC3351 Failing to hold up (Boost) Vout

    My LTC3351 is failing to boost my output voltage from the super cap.  In fact it appears that when my output voltage falls below my OUTFB threshold of 6V, my super cap starts increasing in voltage before dropping rapidly.  What would cause this behavior…

  • LTC3351 EMI and Back up Time Issue - Layout


    LTC3351 is having the BGATE, TGATE and SW pins on it. Due to my electro-mechanical constraint, I have to place the MOSFET, Switching Inductor at bit far distance. Hence routing length of BGATE, TGATE, SW increases to around 40mm. MOSFET and Inductors…

  • LTC3351 Charging Problem


    I'm using the LTC3351 in a product for backup power in case of power failure.

    I'm using 4 x 70F supercapacitors for the backups power.

    My design is based on the evaluation board with soms alternations.

    Input: 18 - 25 V, Max. 5 A.


  • LTC3351 can't start when the load is heavy.

    I have two questions about LTC3351.

    1. in my LTC3351 circuit, VIN is 24 V, I set the VOUT to 15 V.  the Vout is 24V when the VIN is good,  the Vout is 15V when the super capacitor is supplied.  Is it right?

    2. LTC3351 can't start which output is abnormal…

  • LTC3351 Shutdown

    I would like to disable the LTC3351 (keep downstream power off) when temperature extremes are exceeded.  In previous designs that used the LT4363 (instead of the LTC3351) we drove the the SHDN# pin with the OT and UT outputs of a LTC2996 Temperature Sensor…