• LTC3350 I2C Measurement Registers


    we have a project with the LTC3350 and 4x 400F capacitors. Sometimes they charge as expected, sometimes not. It seems to work better when VIN is below 15V.

    We started without using I2C. Now we tried to debug by reading out some registers using an I2C…

  • RE: LTC3350 how to compute charge current?

    Hi JulienD,

    Take a look at the typical application circuit 1 on page 39 of the datasheet. The current indicated is 6.4A. Rsnsc = 0.005Ω or 5mΩ.

    Ichg = 32mV / 5mΩ = 6.4A or Ichg = 0.032V / 0.005Ω = 6.4A.

    Hope this clarifies the…

  • RE: LTC3350 Maximum VIN

    Hi volkerk,

    We believe your design is okay.

  • RE: Several errors using DC1937B and DC590B eval boards for ltc3350

    Hum, that was stupidier...

    I'm using aligator clips with plastic enclosure and the plastic part was touching the power test point instead of  the metal part....

    The message is not exactly what happened ;)


  • LTC3350


    I'm using the LTC3350 in a product. The product regulates power to different hardware, basically a I/O module for hardware. One output needs a UPS for data security purpose.

    I don't understand the difference of the LTC3350 and LTC3351 completely…

  • LTC3350 linduino


    Can you please share linduino API for LTC3350.


  • LTC3350 Disable

    Instead of letting the LTC3350 circuit run until the supercaps are discharged, is there an elegant way to turn off the circuit?

    Ideally, I would like to be able to shutoff both the ideal diode and the supercap backup.  This would allow our processor to…

  • LTC3350 without supercapacitors

    We have a product with backup power provided by the LTC3350 and two 15 F supercapacitors. Now, we would like to make a variant without backup power and minimal component changes.
    What is the best way to achieve this?
    Is it possible to use the LTC3350 without…

  • LTC3350 EEPROM


    I testd LTC3350 EVM board (DC1937B) to read Super Capacitor voltage data,and encountered communication issue like as below picture

    But, i copy LTC3350 GUI exe from which had downloaded it before,and this communication no longer exists

    What's the problem…

  • LTC3350 Backup Time

    In the circuit I designed and prototyped, everything has been functioning correctly as far as I can tell.

    The caps are charging to 10V and the output, in backup is hitting 12V very nicely.

    The problem I am finding is if I use the LTC3350 Backup Time Calculator…