• get LTC3350 meas_esr someimes fail


    I can get meas_vcap1 /meas_vcap2 /meas_vcap3 / meas_vcap4 "every time"

    But I found  that I sometimes can't get " get meas_esr" value

    it there any suggestion can provide for me ,thanks

  • LTC3350 charges capacitors very slowly


    I made the PCB with LTC3350. The schematic is below. The PCB is in a miniature car that runs on motors.

    In this PCB, LTC3350 charges 4 super capacitors to 2.75V each at 1.2A maximum. After charging, the car runs and stops,  and charges again. 
    For 6…

  • how to get ESR by LTC3350 meas_esr register


    I hop I can get supercap ESR by LTC3350

    it's there any easy way let me know, which register I shoud config

    my idea is set 0x17 bit 0 -->1

    and I can read 0X1F

    am I right ?

    ctl_reg   Address: 0x17

    meas_esr_CMD   Address: 0x1F (R)

  • design LTC3350 without external shunt design

    my design is follow DC1937B.

    and supercap size is 100Fx2  with 4 stack

    But I don't have  EXTERNAL SHUNT CURRENT design.

    I only use CAP1/2/3/4 to do balance and shunt current

    how do I know, internal shurnt current is enought ? 

  • LTC3350有没有好的替代方案,现在LTC3350缺货,实在没别的办法了


  • LTC3350 Efficiency Calculations

    Hi Linear Technologies Support

    We have a system that will potentially use the LTC3350 IC to backup a device when the main power supply is removed. 

    I have created a spreadsheet that matches the values in all the application circuits to try and determine…

  • LTC3350 MOSFET IC Availability


    I am using LTC3350  part number: LTC3350EUHF#TRPBF in one of my project for back-up power, the back-up voltage is about 10V.

    But in one of the boards we have shortage of Mosfet i.e. M2 and M3(part number:BSZ060NE2LSATMA1 recommended in the design)…

  • When LTC3350 boost and OCP happen , is there any signal chagne to inform the system ?


    We found when super cap voltage is low, 

    and LTC3350 is in boost mode.

    and the output loading is dynamic. it's eay have OCP many times.

    does LTC3350 have and Hw signal, can let me know it's OCP. now.

    I have when OCP happend. and LTC 3350 will…

  • LTC3350 discharge capacitors by vshunt register is very slow


    We have implemented the LTC3350 with High Current Balancing/Shunting according to Figure 11 in DEMO MANUAL DC1937B:

    We use 1.8 Ohm Resistors (just one per cap).

    The shunting works perfectly.

    We also implemented a discharge mechanism, which we realized…

  • LTC3350 Not Charging proberly


    For a new PCB we experience issues with LTC3350.

    The Chip correctly knows whether to be in buck or boost and sends data fine. It reads Vin, Cap Voltages etc, all good

    It is not charging the caps, TGATE is not seems to work as it should

    It happens that…