• LTC3330 If not using buck-boost converter, float Pins SWA and SWB ?


    I am using the LTC3330 simply as a buck converter for now. I don't intend to use the buck-boost converter and shall be tying its input BAT (Pin #16) to GND. My questions are,

    1) Can Pins #14 and #15 be kept floating ? (I want to avoid the buck…

  • LTC3330 Bridge Rectifier Current Leakage, damage modes


    I am presently trouble shooting the cause of LTC3330 faults in my design. I am trying to verify if my circuit design or PCB layout is damaging the LTC3330 or causing excess current leakage. Maybe my handling of the LTC3330 ICs is the cause. Multiple…

  • LTC3330 voltage spikes in output voltage and in PGVOUT during transient


    I am using LTC3330 with VIN thresholds set at 10V and 5V. The output set voltage is 3.3V. The input capacitor is 200uF and output is a 10mF supercapacitor. During transients, whenever the input voltage rises above 10V, buck operation starts (as expected…

  • LTC3330 / LTC3331 minimum voltage

    Hi !

    I'm prototyping an energy harvester (solar and  vibration) for low voltage applications and I thought about the LTC3330 / LTC3331  ICs.

    My question is about the minum input voltage fro the ICs to work.

    1) First we have the diode bridges wiht a…

  • LTC3330: LDO problem and workaround (but why?)

    As part of our research project, our group was finally able to make our LTC3330 work (or so it seems). It took us a week or so. Let me explain:

    This picture is from the datasheet, figure 7, with the second chip removed (an LTC3388) so it reflects our…

  • RE: enery harvesting

    Hi Liu,

    Yes, LTC3588 is intended for low-power energy harvesting. We do offer other energy harvesting ICs. If you are looking at a piezo input, you might also consider LTC3330 (with a non-rechargeable backup battery) or LTC3331 (with a rechargeable backup…

  • RE: How to realize the UVLO hysteresis window similar to the LTC3588-1?


    Yes, while we don't have a part that has the actual hysteresis window configurable by resistors, you might consider LTC3330 which has a few different pin-strapped options:

    How it works (which you could implement externally if you wanted):…

  • RE: Energy Harvesting with MPPT


    Some form of input regulation is always necessary, but that's not always "MPPT" exactly. These examples do it a little differently and less obviously than some of our more recent designs.

    LTC3108 is not so straightforward. You need…

  • RE: Best LI Ion Battery and Solar and System Power

    Hi Alan,

    You could save some time by ordering our evaluation boards if you'd like.

    ADP5091/ADP5092: EVAL-ADP509X Evaluation Board | Analog Devices 

    LTC3331: DC2151A Evaluation Board | Analog Devices 

    Right, not all of the information is in the parametric…