• AGND for Parallel LTC3310S

    /When using two LTC3310S regulator, is the AGND shared between the master and the slave regulator or does the master receive its own separate AGND and the slave its own AGND?

  • LTC3310S footprint


    In 3310 D/S, title is LQFN but p.26 package is LGA.

    And in SUGGESTED  PCB LAYOUT TOP VIEW,  expose pad footprint don't have size information.

     How long these PCB are ?

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    Thank you very much.

  • RE: LTC3310, 0,85V 6A power supply

    Hi Bruno,

    The biggest difference between the LTC3310 and the LTC3310S is that the LTC3310 does not have the small caps on the VIN to PGND pins and the VIN to AGND pins. The LTC3310 does require these three caps to be placed as close to the VIN to PGND…

  • LTC3310 Recommended PCB Power Pad Layout

    On the Datasheet for LTC3310 The Suggested PCB Layout shows no recommendations for placing via's within the powerpad, however the gerber prints appear to use a X pattern of 5 Vias and the image on page 21 of the DS for Recommended PCB layout appears to…

  • RE: LDO Regulators in Parallel

    Hi Dylan,

    For your application, Vin=3.3V, Vo=1V, Io=8A, if directly use LDO, the eff. is only ~30.3%. There is about 18.4W power loss on your board. Suggest choosing a two-stage solution, switching regulator+LDO, like LTC3310S+ADP1765 or . The 1st stage…

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    LTC7821把开关电容器电路与一个同步降压型控制器相结合,可使 DC/DC 转换器解决方案尺寸相比传统降压解决方案锐减 50% 之多。这种改善是通过将开关频率提高 3 倍实现的 (并未牺牲效率)。或者,当工作于相同的频率时,基于…