• LTC3305 need for auxilary battery


    I got a new project to design a balancer for 4x 12V lead acid batteries. The LTC3305 appears quite often.

    Until now, i know only balancers for LiPo battery packs which where connected while charging. There was never a need for an auxilary battery…

  • LTC3305 UVFLT & OVFLT Operation

    It isn't clear from the data sheet the UVFLT and OVFLT outputs are pulled low while any battery in the stack exceeds the voltage limits, or only when the individual battery that exceeds the limits is being checked for connection to the AUX battery.…

  • Lead Acid Balancer - LTC3305

    I am currently working on Battery management of four series connected lead acid batteries and i came across this LTC-3305 chip, but i didn't get a clarity on how to choose AUXILARY BATTERY which is used to balance the batteries. Can anyone please help…

  • LTC3305 for Dual 24V Batteries


    My electric scooter is powered by a stack of two 24V batteries connected in series. (In fact each battery is a stack of 6 cells of 4 .. 4.05V, but I don't have easy access to each cell)

    Is there any way to use the LTC3305 to balance the two…

  • LTC3305 - behaviour with batteries disconnected?

    I have an application where I am trying to balance 4 series-connected lead-acid batteries in a backup power supply. I recently started cycling the batteries more frequently, and have started measuring the individual battery voltages, and have noticed…

  • LTC3305 Auxiliary cell charging speed

    Hi, I would like to use LTC3305.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.


    I am experimenting with the LTC3305 evaluation board.

    Use a super capacitor for the auxiliary cell,
    Lead batteries are used for BAT1 ~ 4.

    I connected…

  • 关于LTC3305芯片电压


  • [LTC3305][DC2043B] limiting current to 5A of PS1-PS4 would lead to another problems.

    I'm designing a solution for a solar energy storage. Four 12v@150Ah batteries are used as a storage for energy. Battery equilization circuit using LTC3305/DC2043B is under consideration to be used here. My primary concern about this chip/Eval board…

  • 关于LTC3305芯片的均衡循序问题