• LTC3300-1 cell voltage

    I found the attached figure in the datasheet.

    Would you inform me what do 'rising' and 'falling' mean?

    Can LTC3300-1 work with 5V cells to balance?


  • RE: LTC3300-1 12S current mode communication issue



    I'm going to design a BMS for 12s25p LIFEPO cells (in this case in particularly, the configuration is 12s1p and NMC chemistry) and I bought a DC2100B-C in order to test it.


    This is the behaviour of my board:

    • As soon as it is connected to…
  • Execution balancing problem of LTC3300-1

    I used LTC3300-1 to balance six batteries, and used Freescale (MCU) to communicate with it on SPI. Balancing commands can be written and read. I set the cycle of writing and executing once every 30ms, but they cannot be executed normally, as shown in…

  • ADBMS6815 and LTC3300-1


    I have one ADBMS6815 connect to two LTC3300s.

    At the moment I'm having problems with the 6815 and the GPIO comms;

    1) I can seem to send out a GPIO SPI write command, but read commands are ignored, although the clk signal seems to be workin…

  • RE: LTC3300-1 problem with communication

    And VMODE of the LTC3300 is high ?

  • LTC3300-1 [Cell Balance Demo System 28]

    I saw on a video from AD: https://www.digikey.in/en/videos/a/analog-devices/autonomous-battery-balancing-extends-run-time-by-as-much-as-17

    Its actually a battery cell emulator using super-capacitors.

    Are the design files (mostly the schematics) available…

  • LTC3300-1的执行均衡问题


    Click here to play this video





  • SPI communication between LTC6811-1 and LTC3300-1 not working


    We are trying to communicate with ltc3300-1 ic using ltc6811 spi port.
    We are able to send Write Balance command and read balance command from 6811 ic we also verified it on oscilloscope but LTC 3300 is not able to receive it.
    We have connected…
  • Connect 16S to 3x LTC3300-1

    We are using LTC3300-1 in our 16S BMS design and I need some help in the verification/review of our current schematic. 

    What I particularly interested in how we should connect the secondary side of the mid and top LTC ICs. Currently, it's connected in a next…
  • Transformer selection for Automotive project using LTC3300-1


    we are going to start a new automotive BMS project based on LTC3300-1 with balancing current < 1A but we are unable to find balancing transformers compliant with AEC-Q200.

    All the recommended transformers on the LTC's datasheet are not compliant…