• RE: Active Cell balancing using LTC3300

    Hi, we have decided to go with Ltc3300. Since we can not simulate we decide to start with a prototype using LTC3300-1 and LTC6803-1

    Is typical application in datasheet good for a prototype (we hope to use 12s2p for prototype. Can I use those component…

  • RE: Basic comunication with LTC3300


    In our demo board (DC2100B) we use the LTC6804-1 to generate SPI commands for the LTC3300-1.  We have 3 SPI lines as follows

    • CSB connects to LTC3300-1 CSBI pin.
    • SCKB connects to LTC3300-1 SCKI pin.
    • SDIO connects to SDI and SDO pins.

    So I suggest…

  • RE: Which is better, the active cell balancer LT8584 or LTC3300?

    I will do my best to answer your questions.  Note that I am very familiar with the LTC3300, but I am not as familiar with the LT8584.

    • Both LTC3300 and LT8584 use flyback-conversion circuits.  The LTC3300 uses synchronous rectification so it is probably…
  • RE: LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) batteries for LTC3300-1 & LTC6804

    The LTC3300-1 is not suitable for LiTiO2 cells due to the low voltage of the cells.

  • LTC3300-1 random fails


    We've been designing and prototyping a 14-Cell Li-Ion battery active balancing board using LTC3300-1. We've got approx 10 x prototyping PCBA's fabricated and tested. Some of the boards work very well as expected. However a few other boards…

  • LTC3300-1 problem with communication

    Hi everybody,

    I have problem with SPI communication between STM32 and LTC3300-1. I have only one LTC3300 and only one LTC6810. No IsoSPI, no DaisyChain. The ICs have separated CS/SS signals. I want to manage 6S Li-Ion battery pack. The literature, I have…

  • RE: Communication Issue between LTC6811-1 and LTC3300-1 via SPI

    Here are some waveforms and suggestions.  I hope these will help.

    I am using a DC2100B-C demonstration board with 1 LTC6804-2 and 2 LTC3300-1.  I am monitoring SPI signals from LTC6804-2 to the LTC3300-1 on the bottom.  The 3 waveforms are as follows.

  • SPI connection LTC3300 with MCU


    We want to design an active balancing PCB. We use LTC3300-1 and LTC6804-1 for this. And we want to divide SPI interfeces for these ICs. Is it possible to immediately connect the LTC3300-1 to MCU? How can i do this? Thanks for your answer! 

    All the…

  • Enquiry regarding LTC3300-1 BMS

    1)The specifications says each BMS module supports upto 6 Li-ion cells in series. We use 30 modules in series. Can we use multiple BMS modules in series for our purpose? Is there a master BMS module to support the same?
    2)For communication is there any…
  • How to design the transfomer of LTC3300-1


    Do you have any documents to help the tranformer design for LTC3300-1?

    My spec is 8 cell stack, 72Ah, 15A constant voltage and current charging.