• LTC3300-1 random fails


    We've been designing and prototyping a 14-Cell Li-Ion battery active balancing board using LTC3300-1. We've got approx 10 x prototyping PCBA's fabricated and tested. Some of the boards work very well as expected. However a few other boards…

  • LTC3300-1 problem with communication

    Hi everybody,

    I have problem with SPI communication between STM32 and LTC3300-1. I have only one LTC3300 and only one LTC6810. No IsoSPI, no DaisyChain. The ICs have separated CS/SS signals. I want to manage 6S Li-Ion battery pack. The literature, I have…

  • RE: Active Cell balancing using LTC3300

    Hi, we have decided to go with Ltc3300. Since we can not simulate we decide to start with a prototype using LTC3300-1 and LTC6803-1

    Is typical application in datasheet good for a prototype (we hope to use 12s2p for prototype. Can I use those component…

  • RE: Basic comunication with LTC3300


    In our demo board (DC2100B) we use the LTC6804-1 to generate SPI commands for the LTC3300-1.  We have 3 SPI lines as follows

    • CSB connects to LTC3300-1 CSBI pin.
    • SCKB connects to LTC3300-1 SCKI pin.
    • SDIO connects to SDI and SDO pins.

    So I suggest…

  • RE: Communication Issue between LTC6811-1 and LTC3300-1 via SPI

    Here are some waveforms and suggestions.  I hope these will help.

    I am using a DC2100B-C demonstration board with 1 LTC6804-2 and 2 LTC3300-1.  I am monitoring SPI signals from LTC6804-2 to the LTC3300-1 on the bottom.  The 3 waveforms are as follows.

  • SPI connection LTC3300 with MCU


    We want to design an active balancing PCB. We use LTC3300-1 and LTC6804-1 for this. And we want to divide SPI interfeces for these ICs. Is it possible to immediately connect the LTC3300-1 to MCU? How can i do this? Thanks for your answer! 

    All the…

  • RE: Cell balancing using LTC3300

    You are correct; the communications interface on the LTC3300 is SPI, not I2C.  You can see the SPI voltage specifications in the datasheet, p. 5, 6 under the section, Voltage Mode Digital I/O Specifications.  Note the high level of the SPI interface is referenced…

  • How to design the transfomer of LTC3300-1


    Do you have any documents to help the tranformer design for LTC3300-1?

    My spec is 8 cell stack, 72Ah, 15A constant voltage and current charging.



  • quikeval module LTC3300-1 DC2064A

    We are trying to use the DC2064A Evaluation Board with a DC590B Board.

    We were able to install the software but when connecting the DC2064A Evaluation Board

    we get the following error message: see attachments

    There is no way of turning off any Antivirus…

  • RE: Battery management with LTC3300 and LTC6804


    What do you mean by two 3S packs in parallel?  Is your pack configuration 3s2p? Or is it 2p3s? The use cases will be different for both. 3s2p configuration will have 2 different segments in parallel for which you will be needing 2 sets of LTC3300…