• LTC3129 Efficiency loss

    Dear Analog Team,


    I recently tested your evaluation board and I faced efficiency loss issue for low output voltage.

    Please refer the evaluation board and test condition details below,

    Evaluation Board:  LTC3129 Demo Circuit 1922A.

    Test Condition:


  • LTC3129 NC pins

    The LTC3129 datasheet states that the NC pins (8+9 or 6+7) should be grounded. Does that mean that these pins are internally connected, or can they be connected to VCC instead? The latter alternative would make the layout compatible with the LTC3129-1…

  • Run pin behavior on LTC3129


    What will happen if the Run pin is floating in LTC3129.

    Could you give me the impact details.


    Malathi T

  • Feedforward Capacitor formula for LTC3129

    Could you share me the formula to find feedforward capacitor, if the feedback resistors are used in the range of Kohm and Mohm.

    The datasheet formula given the results interms of microfarad but the application circuits has CFF interms of pF.

    Could you…

  • LTC3129 DC1922A Feedforward Network

    On the DC1922A board, a 2.2k resistor was added to the feedforward network (which was not discussed in the LTC3129 datasheet). How do I decide if I need to add the resistor, and what value should be chosen? Is looking at transient step response in a LTSpice…

  • DC1923A, LTC3129-1 Buck Converter

    Presently i am working on an energy harvesting project for my engineering project demo. my harvester produces 12V and 25mA and i need to convert the harvester output into 5V and 40mA.

    In analog devices website, i saw a DC1923A evaluation board which…

  • RE: low frequency PM

    After the bridge rectifier, you may want to consider the buck-boost solutions that we have. Please try to check this link: https://www.analog.com/en/parametricsearch/11503#/p5362=Buck-Boost

    If the link won't work, please search in ADI website these generics…

  • RE: LTC3103 Drop-Out Seems very high...

    Hello Andersoj88

    The diagram you mentioned is correct and additionally you should check following parameter in the ds:

    As you have not much means to overcome your problem with a standard Buck regulator (n-channel based, DC always <100%) you might consider…

  • LTC3119的MPPC功能无法使用,是模型的问题还是?



    左边太阳电池的模型  Mppt: 13V, 2.2W, 170mA  

    下图可以看出,随着MPPC分压电阻的不同,太阳电池Vin, IRin工作在不同的电压和电流下



    上图上半部分为输入的电压Vin, IRin, Vmppc, 下半部分为输出Vout, IRout, Vfb


  • RE: Solar powered lithium charger with LTC3105 & LTC4071


    I think I replied to your comment you asked about LTC3105 in another message. As mentioned LTC3105 will work for Vin>Vout however it will not be efficient. Also your Vin is above the input voltage range. Operating the part higher than the input voltage…