• LTC3122 Output Disconnect

    Hi team,

    What triggers the output disconnect function?

    When this happens, I think the PMOS will be turned off and the bulk of the PMOS will be switched to VIN.

    This will prevent the VIN-to-VOUT current through the MIMO body diode.

    Is this correct?

  • [LTC3122] Soft Start reset

    Hi team,

    Isn't the soft start reset if the output is shorted to GND?

    Will not there be an inrush current when recovering from shorted to GND in a short time?

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  • LTC3122 Behavior at soft start

    Hi team,

    I am checking the operation using the verification circuit prepared by LTspice.

    I had some questions about the behavior at soft start.

    The verification circuit and waveform are as follows.

    Even though it is operating at a fixed frequency at…

  • LTC3122 Inductor selection

    Hi ADI,

    The data sheet for LTC3122 talks about "inductor current ripple", "maximum inductor current" and "peak inductor current". However, there is no text on how to calculate any of them. Is it safe to assume that the text and formulas regarding inductor…

  • LTC3122 - variable output voltage

    I would like to use the LTC3122 boost converter in an application where I need a variable voltage level between 5 and 12V.  The input voltage will be between 1.8V and 4.2V.  I was thinking of placing a Maxim MAX5419 digital potentiometer in the R2 position…

  • LTC3122 断开电源后,滤波电容泻荷慢








  • What could cause the LTC3122 to consume 65uA in ShutDown mode?

    I have inherited a circuit where it appears that the LTC3122 sometimes fails to shutdown fully (< 1uA) when the SD input is held low and instead continues to consume ~65uA. 

    In the screen shot below:-

    1. Current into the LTC3122 sub-circuit (Showing 65uA…
  • RE: LT1618 - Drop in output current w.r.to the in Input voltage


    then please have a look on the LTC3122, it operates synchronously (no external diode, higher efficiency)) and  has a sufficient current limit of 2.5A(min), 3.5A(typ).




  • RE: Problem with the ADP1613

    Hello Nasib,

    in all basic Boost-Converters Vin path is not isolated from Vout, even when EN/Shutdown applied.
    Current flows over Inductor and Diode to Cout, thus Vout will be ~ Vin. 
    Again this is valid for all known basic boost converters, a physical fact…