• LTC3119


    I am using LTC3119 as buck-boost converter. We have designed the circuit for VOUT=12V@2.5A. VIN=3-16V.

    The designed circuit is providing 12V at the above range without any issue. However, when I connect load(1A) and turn ON the PSU (which provides…

  • RE: LTC3119 oscillation at output

    Hi Massimiliano,

    It sounds like Vin is stable, but if you haven't I'd suggest verifying this with an oscilloscope.  You could bypass the PTC with a wire as a simple test.

    Are there any ceramic capacitors tied directly to Vout?  The eFUSEs add substantial…

  • LTC3119 compensation network example

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using the buck-boost converter LTC3119. In my project, it works with a input voltage from 3.3V to 14.8V. The output voltage and current are respectively 5.5V and 500mA. I choosed an external inductor of 10uH. I'm tring to design the external…


    Hi Aalt,

    For demo purposes of a boost converter (low input to high output voltage), you can make use of the evaluation boards that are readily available.  An example will be DC2129A LTC3119 Demo Board  found in link below.

    LTC3119 Datasheet and Product Info…

  • LTC3119能承受的最大输入电流是多少,数据手册中没有给出


  • RE: LTC3119 EMI tests

    Hi, we do not have any EMI test results on LTC3119 at present.

  • RE: 3119 boost simulation

    Thank you. The LTspice model for LTC3119 has been updated (Tools -> Sync Release).

  • How MPPC works? LTC3119

    Hi, i'm using the LTC3119 for tracking the maximum power point from a solar panel. How the MPPC algorytm works? i have a solar panel with maximum power point at 8 V. I programmed the Vmppc to 10 V. At full load the voltage operating point of the panel…

  • RE: LTC3119 noise issue

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  • Theta j-c of LTC3119 and LT8606


    I'm looking for Theta j-c of LTC3119 (UFD package) and LT8606 (MSOP, 10 Leads). Could you help me?

    Thank you!

    Best Regards