• LTC3114-1 Application to Charge Supser Cap

    Hi, Guys

    Thank you for your support.

    Please let me know if the LTC3114-1 can be used in an application that charges supercapacitors (3900uF x 4parallel) at 200mA(Rprog=120kohm).

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  • LTC3114-1

    Hi Team,

    We are going to use LTC3114-1 to meet our below requirements.

    Input voltage : 20V to 30V

    Output voltage : 24V

    Output current : 800mA

    Will the part LTC3114-1 support our requirement with above 85% efficiency.

  • RE: LTC3114-1 Secondary Foldback Current Limit


    The waveform on page 6 of the datasheet is an example of programable output current limit across Vout range for a given Rprog .The output current limit changes and so does the characteristic curve will vary with Rprog. However for Vout below 2V the…

  • LTC3114-1 Failures

    I applied the design in page 28 of LTC3114-1 for 24V output with the same components. 

    However, so far 5 out of 5 devices have failed in the same way with a short from SW1 or SW2 to GND.

    I use a 2 layer PCB without the optional diode and a 12 V input…

  • LTC3114-1 devices failing Continuously.

    I had designed one Buck converter using  LT3114- chip , Input voltage is 24VDC and output voltage is 5V , 1A .Complete Design files referred by  “ www.analog.com/.../dc1821b.html”   on this link ,  while applying voltage gradually it work…

  • LTC3114-1 RUN pin voltage confusion?

    Hello all! I'm working on a design using the LTC3114-1 for battery charging, but power is extremely unreliable (Solar, wind, DC power, and the battery itself are all hot-swappable).

    Because of this, it's possible that RUN and Vfb could have a voltage…

  • LTC3114-1 draws large current after charging up super capacitors


    In my application, I use LTC3114-1 to charge up 4 super capacitors connected in series.


    VIN: 9-36V, Nominal 12V, 24V

    VOUT: 10.5V

    Current Limit: 1A

    Mode: Burst

    Schematic: attached.

    Layout: 4 layers

    I tested 5pcs of board and found one…

  • LTC3114 Damage failure for Vout > 20 V

    Hi all,

    I'm designing an application where the LC 3114 is used in boost mode (from 15 V to 18/32 V).

    I have captured oscilogram for 18 V:

    ... and for 25V output:

    Yellow probe - LTC3114 output

    Green probe - current to LTC3114 input (from llaboratory…

  • LTC3114 Damage failure issue

    Hello everybody

    I'm designing an application using LTC3114. Main parameters are listed below:

    • Vin from 10V to 30V
    • Vout selectable between 3/4 values from 14V to about 29V
    • Max Iout 500mA

    I would like to change Vout and Iout at runtime using a microcontroller…

  • LTC3114 instability when Iout > 150 mA

    We have a LTC3114 design on a 2 layer PCB which becomes unstable when the output current is higher then 150 mA. This is found using an electronic load.

    The specs are as follows:

    Vin: 18-38 V (Nominal 26 V)
    Vout: 24 V

    Iout-max: 0.8 A

    The design is according…