• LTC3108 C1 capacitor and Auxilliary bypass capacitor design


    I am in the process of designing a power supply using the LTC3108. In the application note, there are certain recommended values for the capacitors at pin C1, C2 and the capacitor at the auxilliary pin. I would like to know how to calculate the values…

  • LTC3108-外部搭建-提高输出功率







  • How to Ultra-low voltage AC-DC Convertor (Need something similar to LTC3108)

    Hi Power by Linear,

    I have a ranging voltage of 0-340mV AC that I wish to step up and convert to DC. Most rectifiers will draw at least 400mV resulting in no more voltage to be converted to DC.  I am most interested in the LTC3108 DC-DC converter as it…

  • LTC 3108 Design


    I am designing an Energy Harvesting System. The input source is a TEG whose size must be under 30X30mm. I want to run a 3V and 8mA load. I am expecting a 100 to 200mV input from the TEG. I want to know that Is it possible to achieve this goal with…

  • RE: :LTC3426

    output of ltc3108

  • RE: ADP5090

    LTC3108 can support this kind of low voltage  level TEG.

  • RE: ADI物联网热点应用Demo show!你最关心的是…(发言有惊喜)

    推荐:LTC3108 TEG 能量采集装置的应用

    主要产品: DC/DC 转换器 LTC3108



  • RE: Adding Component Library into ADS Software

    Hi Suren

    I need to model an IC  LTC3108 from Analog Devices in ADS, But i am not getting any clue. Can you help 



  • RE: Energy Harvesting


    ADI and Linear have a wide energy harvesting portfolio. for the RF to DC, it depends on how much power you want to havest. if the voltage is very low like 100mV, you can try LTC3108. if the voltage is higher than 380mV, you can try ADP5091.